Day 12

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Teochew Kueh One peng kueh and two soon kueh. (397 calo­ries)


Shrimp Pho One reg­u­lar bowl of rice noo­dles with shrimp, bak choy, spices and chicken broth. (450 calo­ries)

Fruit Snack

Half a medium grape­fruit (40 calo­ries)


Grilled Sal­mon with Brown Rice Grill 150g sal­mon fil­let with 2 tsp olive oil and driz­zle with lemon juice. For sides, toss let­tuce and cherry toma­toes with 2 tbsp se­same sauce dress­ing (avail­able at Meidi-ya), and boil 40g shimeji mush­rooms. Serve with half a bowl of brown rice. (613 calo­ries)

Hearty Amer­i­can Break­fast Have two slices of toasted whole­meal bread with 2 tbsp salted but­ter, two sunny-side-up eggs, and two strips pan-fried ba­con. (579 calo­ries) Char Siew Ra­men Or­der one reg­u­lar bowl of ra­men noo­dles with an egg, char siew and veg­eta­bles, plus a side or­der of Cal­i­for­nia rolls – eat three pieces and share the rest; wash down with a cup of unsweet­ened green tea. (540 calo­ries) Half a cup of cubed can­taloupe (94 calo­ries) Shi­rataki Noo­dles with Chicken Boil 115g plain shi­rataki noo­dles (avail­able at Mei­diya), and rinse in icecold wa­ter. Blanch cup broc­coli; steam 100g chicken breast and shred. Com­bine broc­coli, shred­ded chicken, sliced car­rots, Ja­panese cu­cum­ber and noo­dles in a bowl, and sprin­kle 1 tbsp se­same seeds on top. (289 calo­ries)

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