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4 Quan­tity is one thing, but you should also get goodqual­ity, un­in­ter­rupted sleep. Many things can ruin a good night’s sleep, from in­som­nia and fre­quent trips to the loo, to ob­struc­tive sleep ap­noea (OSA). In­som­nia is com­mon and some­times can be a re­sult of other med­i­cal prob­lems like de­pres­sion and heart fail­ure. Fre­quent trips to the toi­let at night might be due to un­di­ag­nosed di­a­betes. OSA causes poor oxy­gena­tion of the blood, leav­ing you feel­ing even more tired when you wake up. Over time, it can also raise your blood pres­sure and stroke risk. You might have OSA if you have high blood pres­sure, snore loudly and of­ten doze off dur­ing the day af­ter a long night’s sleep – speak to your doc­tor about get­ting this prob­lem un­der con­trol.

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