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1 KEEP VIS­UAL CLUT­TER TO A MIN­I­MUM “Sta­tionery, pa­per­work, elec­tron­ics and per­sonal items are the top cul­prits of messy desks. Your desk sur­face is not a stor­age space – any­thing you don’t use daily should be cleared from it.” • Sta­tionery: Keep one of each item that you use daily in your pen cup; put bulky sta­tionery in draw­ers. • Pa­per­work: Have an in­box for all in­com­ing items and empty it be­fore leav­ing the of­fice ev­ery day. File pa­per­work into ring binders and ar­range them neatly un­der your desk or in cup­boards. • Elec­tron­ics: Place your desk phone on the op­po­site side of your writ­ing hand. Tie up speaker, mouse, draw­ing-tablet or key­board ca­bles neatly. • Per­sonal items: Limit them to one sec­tion of your desk. When space runs out, re­move an older item be­fore adding some­thing else, so you’re mak­ing a con­scious de­ci­sion about which items to dis­play.

2 DON’T LET YOUR FEEL­INGS TAKE OVER “It’s nat­u­ral to feel pain when get­ting rid of things, but don’t fo­cus on the loss. Ask your­self if an item helps you to achieve a goal like fin­ish­ing work on time or feel­ing hap­pier about work. If not, dis­card it. Des­ig­nate a box for things you’re un­sure about and re­visit it in three months. If you haven’t used the items at all, say good­bye to them. Take breaks if you have many items to purge – you may dump some­thing you like or need when you’re tired.” MAKE IT A DAILY HABIT “The ef­fort of tack­ling clut­ter can be a big psy­cho­log­i­cal bar­rier, so we put it off and ev­ery­thing keeps pil­ing up. Pre­vent this by tak­ing five min­utes at the end of ev­ery work day to clean up. If you take longer than five min­utes, con­sider how and where you store items. They should be within easy reach so that you can re­turn them to the right places quickly.”


“A messy desk sti­fles pro­duc­tiv­ity and is stress-in­duc­ing, es­pe­cially if you can’t find some­thing you need ur­gently. An or­gan­ised desk helps you work bet­ter and gives you an in­stant en­ergy boost when you start work ev­ery morn­ing!”

founder of Ed­its Inc., a pro­fes­sional or­gan­is­ing ser­vice

San, a for­mer in­dus­trial engi­neer, knows how clut­ter can ruin beau­ti­fully de­signed spa­ces. A fan of home­makeover and in­te­rior-de­sign show, Clean House, San founded Ed­its Inc. in Novem­ber 2012

so she could use her skills in ware­house de­sign

and op­er­a­tions man­age­ment to help homes and ofces stay clut­ter-free. Here are her tips for main­tain­ing an or­gan­ised workspace.

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