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As time-starved women, we’re al­ways look­ing to cut cor­ners. But if you’re ditch­ing your mois­turiser, think­ing the hu­mid­ity will do it for you, you’re wrong. In fact, moisturising is prob­a­bly the sk­in­care step you should never skip be­cause it yields so many benets. When ex­posed to sun­light, skin pro­duces pig­ments to shield it­self from the dam­ag­ing rays. This oc­curs evenly in healthy skin, but de­hy­dra­tion com­bined with age and toxin over­load can cause the pig­ment fac­to­ries – melanocytes – to over­pro­duce melanin, re­sult­ing in dark spots and un­even skin tone. Thirsty skin also tends to look dull, as it be­comes rough and can­not reect light well.

To boost the mois­ture lev­els in your skin, use top­i­cal mois­turis­ers. Try HER­BAL­IFE SKIN DAILY GLOW MOIS­TUR­IZER, $75.45 (30ML), which has vi­ta­mins B3, C and E, and aloe vera ex­tracts to soothe and hy­drate. If you are con­cerned about dark spots and an un­even com­plex­ion, look for bright­en­ing sk­in­care that coun­ters melanin pro­duc­tion. The oil- and paraben-free CREME SI­MON BRIGHT­EN­ING DETOX OXY­GENAT­ING LIGHT DAY MOIS­TUR­IZER, $95

(50ML), pro­motes toxin re­moval with ex­tracts of rose, jas­mine and iris, and helps brighten skin with a botan­i­cal com­plex, while SHI­SEIDO WHITE LU­CENT BRIGHT­EN­ING MOIS­TUR­IZ­ING EMUL­SION W, $90

(75ML), in­hibits melanin for­ma­tion and keeps skin su­perbly mois­turised. As a monthly bright­en­ing and rm­ing treat, go for an SK-II IN­TENSE RA­DI­ANCE FA­CIAL,

$260 (85MIN), from SK-II Bou­tique Spa by Senze Salus. Aside from nour­ish­ing your skin with a pow­er­ful bright­en­ing face mask, SK-II Whiten­ing Source Dermre­vival Pro­gram, it also in­cludes a fa­cial mas­sage to pro­mote blood cir­cu­la­tion and deep re­lax­ation, a neck mask, and an ul­tra­sound ap­pli­ca­tion to im­prove sk­in­care ab­sorp­tion and col­la­gen pro­duc­tion.


As you get older, your skin’s pro­duc­tion of hyaluronic acid and se­bum slows down. Skin there­fore be­comes less ef­fec­tive in reg­u­lat­ing and re­tain­ing mois­ture. De­hy­drated cells are less able to per­form ev­ery­day tasks like detox­i­fi­ca­tion, re­newal and pro­tec­tion, so ap­ply cream or lo­tion twice daily to seal in mois­ture.

As skin loses mois­ture with age, its abil­ity to keep it­self rm, sup­ple and even-toned also de­clines. To counter this, opt for mois­turis­ers with anti-age­ing ben­e­fits, like ES­TEE LAUDER RE­SILIENCE LIFT FIRM­ING/SCULPT­ING FACE AND NECK CREME OIL-FREE SPF15, $140 (50ML). This cream is said to give skin an over­all boost by en­hanc­ing the en­ergy source in­side each skin cell to im­prove its func­tions, for more lu­mi­nos­ity and firm­ness. FRESH BLACK TEA AGE-DE­LAY LO­TION BROAD SPEC­TRUM SUN­SCREEN SPF20,

$110 (50ML), pro­tects skin against free rad­i­cals with black tea fer­ment, ly­chee seed ex­tract and black­berry leaf ex­tract. SHI­SEIDO VI­TAL-PER­FEC­TION WHITE RE­VI­TAL­IZ­ING EMUL­SION EN­RICHED,

$132 (100ML), tar­gets wrin­kles and dis­col­oration with a blend of plant ex­tracts for smoother, more ra­di­ant skin.

Once a week, tur­bocharge your ef­forts with a nour­ish­ing mask like SK-II SKIN SIG­NA­TURE 3D RE­DEFIN­ING MASK, $125 (BOX OF SIX SHEET MASKS). The stretch­able mask comes in two halves for a bet­ter t, and soaks your face with skin-re­new­ing in­gre­di­ents like Pit­era and niaci­namide for a com­plex­ion that feels re­freshed, lifted and sup­pler.

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