Trans­form your ap­pear­ance with these aes­thetic pro­ce­dures cu­rated by Dr Ben­jamin Yim. He ex­plains what six treat­ments, from tummy-trim­ming ul­tra­sound to a jaw line-shap­ing thread lift, can do for you.

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Tar­gets: Sag­ging cheeks and neck, and poorly de­fined jaw­line.

How: A lo­cal anaes­thetic is in­jected, then threads with barbs at the end are in­serted un­der the skin us­ing a nee­dle. The barbs hold on to skin from the in­side and pull it up­wards. Over time, the skin forms new col­la­gen around the barbs. The pro­ce­dure takes around 30 min­utes; pa­tients will feel pin­pricks from the in­ser­tion of the threads.

Post-treat­ment: It is pos­si­ble for skin to look lifted im­me­di­ately af­ter the pro­ce­dure, but there may also be swelling, bruis­ing and dim­pling, which can last up to two weeks. The threads are ab­sorbed into the body and dis­ap­pear in about a year, but the ef­fects of the thread-lift may last longer be­cause of the new col­la­gen formed.


Tar­gets: Smile lines, sag­ging jaw­line, flat nose, re­cessed chin, sunken cheeks, tem­ples and fore­head, and thin lips.

How: Juve­d­erm XC is a mix­ture of lo­cal anaes­thetic and hyaluronic acid, a sub­stance that nat­u­rally oc­curs in our bod­ies and can hold many times its own weight in wa­ter. This is in­jected into tar­geted ar­eas us­ing a blunt can­nula to fill lines and hol­lows, plump up lips and make the nose and chin ap­pear sharper. It takes around 20 min­utes, and pa­tients feel pin­pricks from the in­jec­tions. The new for­mu­la­tion of Juve­d­erm XC con­tains a lo­cal anaes­thetic to re­duce pain.

Post-treat­ment: The ef­fects of the filler are vis­i­ble im­me­di­ately af­ter the treat­ment, and may last up to one year. Swelling and bruis­ing may last for a few days af­ter the pro­ce­dure.


Tar­gets: Wrin­kles and sag­ging on the face, eye­lids and body.

How: A hand­piece de­liv­ers ra­diofre­quency en­ergy to skin, heat­ing the col­la­gen layer. The heat causes col­la­gen fi­bres to con­tract, and this is said to re­sult in a vis­i­ble lift­ing ef­fect. Over the next five months, new col­la­gen fi­bres may be gen­er­ated so that skin ap­pears more taut and wrin­kles seem less prom­i­nent. Dur­ing the 40-minute full face and neck treat­ment, pa­tients may feel a prick­ling or hot sen­sa­tion. Thermage CPT is the new­est gen­er­a­tion of the de­vice and sup­pos­edly pro­vides greater pa­tient com­fort than ear­lier ver­sions of Thermage.

Post-treat­ment: Pa­tients should be able to go about their daily ac­tiv­i­ties im­me­di­ately af­ter­wards. The ef­fects usu­ally peak around five months af­ter the pro­ce­dure. Treat­ments can be re­peated once a year.


Tar­gets: Sag­ging neck, jaw­line and brows.

How: Ul­tra­sound en­ergy is fo­cused 3-4mm below the skin, and this is said to cause im­me­di­ate tight­en­ing of the col­la­gen fi­bres. It is be­lieved that new col­la­gen fi­bres are grad­u­ally pro­duced by the body four or five months af­ter this treat­ment. It takes around 40 min­utes to treat the whole face. Dur­ing the treat­ment, you may feel a prick­ling or hot sen­sa­tion be­neath the skin. The pro­ce­dure may leave you look­ing flushed for a few hours.

Post treat­ment: In ad­di­tion to a firmer-look­ing neck, jaw­line and brow, you may no­tice im­prove­ments around the eyes, since lift­ing the brow helps them look more awake. Re­sults are said to peak two to three months af­ter a sin­gle treat­ment. You may have ad­di­tional treat­ments ev­ery 18 months or so.


Tar­gets: Lines and wrin­kles on the fore­head and around the eyes and mouth, droopy eye­brows, a gummy smile and square-look­ing jaw­line.

How: Top­i­cal anaes­thetic cream is ap­plied to the tar­get area, then Botox is in­jected. It tem­po­rar­ily re­laxes the mus­cles to soften lines. It can also be used to shrink an over­sized jaw mus­cle, or re­lax the up­per lip, re­duc­ing the amount of gum ex­posed. Pa­tients feel pin­pricks from the in­jec­tions and may ex­pe­ri­ence red­ness around the in­jec­tion sites.

Post treat­ment: It is pos­si­ble for lines to be­gin to look softer in a cou­ple of days af­ter the treat­ment. Re­sults may peak af­ter two weeks or so, and may last up to six months.


Tar­gets: An ex­pand­ing waist­line.

How: A hand­piece di­rects High-In­ten­sity Fo­cused Ul­tra­sound en­ergy be­neath the skin, heat­ing the area. This is be­lieved to have the ef­fect of caus­ing some fat cells to die, with­out harm­ing sur­round­ing tis­sues. Dur­ing the hour-long treat­ment, you may feel a prick­ling or warm sen­sa­tion.

Post-treat­ment: Pa­tients may have slight bruis­ing and swelling for a few days af­ter­wards, but should be able to carry out nor­mal ac­tiv­i­ties. Over the course of eight to 12 weeks, the dead cells are passed out nat­u­rally, at which point re­sults peak.

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