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As you age, your face and body lose def­i­ni­tion. The 3D Shap­ing treat­ments from ClearSK ™ are de­signed to tackle all kinds of sag­ging for a firmer face and body – sans surgery.

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Our faces and bod­ies change as we age, for two rea­sons: First, col­la­gen (the tis­sue that sup­ports and holds up skin) is not re­plen­ished as quickly, so skin be­gins to sag; sec­ond, our me­tab­o­lism slows, so we find it in­creas­ingly dif­fi­cult to burn off the calo­ries we con­sume.

De­signed by doc­tors, ClearSK’s treat­ments aim to counter these prob­lems and keep you look­ing younger from head to toe, with­out scalpels or nee­dles.


The V-shaped face, with a sharp, de­fined chin and jaw­line, is highly sought-af­ter be­cause it sug­gests youth­ful­ness and fem­i­nin­ity.

ClearSK’s 3D Face Shap­ing Pro­gram in­te­grates safe and ef­fec­tive doc­tor-de­signed treat­ments like Ulther­apy and V-Face Shaper to help give you this de­sir­able face shape.

Ulther­apy is an FDA-ap­proved pro­ce­dure that is de­signed to pro­vide non-in­va­sive lift­ing of the brow, face and jaw­line area. With the guid­ance of an image mon­i­tor, ul­tra­sound waves are aimed deep into the der­mis (the mus­cu­lar layer). This is be­lieved to tighten ex­ist­ing col­la­gen and stim­u­late new col­la­gen growth with­out dam­ag­ing the skin’s sur­face.

Af­ter the treat­ment, the skin should look tighter im­me­di­ately, and the deep “lift­ing” of your face will peak over the next two to three months. The re­sults are said to last for more than a year.

You can main­tain the re­sults with ClearSK’s V-Face Shaper, a two-pronged treat­ment com­bin­ing ul­tra­sound with ra­dio fre­quency; it re­port­edly breaks down fat and tight­ens skin around the jaw­line.

Per­formed by me­di­aes­theti­cians, the V-Face Shaper can be done within two weeks of your Ulther­apy ses­sion; monthly ses­sions are rec­om­mended to main­tain the V-shape.


De­signed by doc­tors, ClearSK’s Dr Shape ® 3D Body Pro­gram tar­gets all types of fat with var­i­ous in­te­gra­tive treat­ments.

Laser Slim is de­signed to melt soft fat or cel­lulite; Ul­tra­sound to blast hard fat; and Cool Sculpt to freeze deeper, stub­born fat.

These FDA-ap­proved treat­ments are said to liq­uefy fat, which will then be ex­pelled nat­u­rally via the body’s lym­phatic sys­tem. To aid the process, ra­dio fre­quency, lym­phatic mas­sage or body wrap treat­ments may be added.

The pro­gramme is ad­min­is­tered by trained aes­theti­cians; each seg­ment lasts about 30 min­utes. Six to eight ses­sions are rec­om­mended for op­ti­mal re­sults – the pro­gramme’s aim is to help you drop a dress size or two within weeks.

The clev­erly de­signed, highly per­son­alised treat­ments are re­port­edly com­fort­able – ClearSK says most of its pa­tients read mag­a­zines or take a nap dur­ing the treat­ments, and can go about their reg­u­lar ac­tiv­i­ties im­me­di­ately af­ter­wards.

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