For­get heavy pails of wa­ter – th­ese mi­crofi­bre mops make clean­ing g the house a breeze.

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Mi­crofi­bre mops


$71.70 (in­cludes one mop pad and one bot­tle of Bona de­ter­gent), from BHG Bugis, Meidi-ya, Self-x, Takashimaya D.S. and se­lected Fair­price stores

PROS The hooked han­dle gave the most er­gonomic grip; I could con­trol the mop with one hand. The head glided smoothly and swiv­elled eas­ily. A spray trig­ger on the han­dle let me spray clean­ing liq­uid from a Bona de­ter­gent bot­tle (re­fill­able with any clean­ing liq­uid) on its stem onto the floor through a noz­zle above the mop head.

CONS The de­ter­gent bot­tle holder is too bulky to go un­der so­fas and low fur­ni­ture.

VER­DICT Er­gonomic and easy to ma­noeu­vre, but limited to clean­ing open sur­faces.


$49.90 (in­cludes one mop pad), from Home-x

PROS The cres­cent-shaped head glided ef­fort­lessly and swiv­elled wiv­elled flex­i­bly, flflflflflflex­i­bly, while its curves made it the eas­i­est one for mop­ping around ta­ble and chair legs.

CONS Its head was the he small­est of all the mops tested, and needed sev­eral more strokes to get the same amount of flfloor flflflfloor floor space clean. clean

VER­DICT The small­est and light­est of the lot, this mop is mo most ost suit­able for stu­dio apart­ments and houses with more fur­ni­ture and less open o space.



$45 (in­cludes one mop pad), from www.the­home­

PROS The unique jointed j han­dle made this the only mop that al­lowed me to clean un­der low fur­ni­ture with­out hav­ing to bend down. The head swiv­elled eas­ily and was a breeze to guide around fur­ni­ture.

CONS The mi­crofi­bre mi­crofib pad felt loose; when I ex­erted more force to push it smoothly over open op spa­ces, the light mop head would flip up.

VER­DICT It’s not the th smoothest op­er­a­tor, but the bendy han­dle is a huge plus, es­pe­cially es­pec for peo­ple with weak knees and back.

$25.95 (in­cludes one mop pad and one scraper), from Home-x, OG and ma­jor su­per­mar­kets

PROS The han­dle can be ad­justed to two lengths – ex­tended for reach­ing un­der the sofa, then short­ened to a more com­fort­able length for open spa­ces. The scraper is use­ful for re­mov­ing dirt cling­ing to the mi­crofi­bre cloth be­fore wash­ing it. CONS I had to use the most force to get this mop pad to move across the floor.

VER­DICT It’s ver­sa­tile, but re­quires the most strength to clean with.


$135 (in­cludes one mop pad), from Home-x and Tangs

PROS This mop has the largest cloth pad, which needed the fewest strokes to get my floor space clean. It glided ef­fort­lessly, and the head wasn’t too stiff.

CONS The ul­tra-long han­dle is not ad­justable, so pe­tite women may find it un­com­fort­able to wield, although it’s use­ful for reach­ing deep un­der low fur­ni­ture. The price is also pro­hib­i­tive.

VER­DICT It gets the house clean most quickly, but might not be suit­able for small apart­ments with tight cor­ners.



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