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Talk to your kids in Man­darin and ask them to re­ply in the same lan­guage while do­ing this ac­tiv­ity, which is an ex­am­ple of the arts and crafts lessons of­fered by TALC for kids aged three to 10.

Step 1 Pre­pare th­ese ma­te­ri­als: one large and one small pa­per plate, three pieces of con­struc­tion pa­per in white, red and orange, a pair of goo­gly eyes, a pair of scis­sors, glue and a pen­cil. Step 2 Use the pen­cil to mark out the wings (white pa­per), beak and legs (orange pa­per), and the crown (red pa­per) of your pa­per rooster. Cut out the shapes. Step 3 Glue the goo­gly eyes, crown and beak onto the small pa­per plate, as shown; glue the wings to the sides of the large pa­per plate, and the legs to the bot­tom. Step 4 Paste the small pa­per plate (head) onto the large one (body) as shown, to com­plete your pa­per rooster.

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