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“Know that your body needs time to ad­just to change. Healthy weight loss is a jour­ney of con­trol­ling your diet and ex­er­cis­ing to keep fit,” says Anna.

That said, it’s fine to have a cheat day – go ahead and re­ward your­self for meet­ing your diet goals for the week, but do it mod­er­ately. So en­joy a scoop of ice cream, but don’t eat the en­tire pint.

It’s one of the worst weight-loss mis­takes to make, notes Anna. “When your body goes through a stage of pro­longed hunger, it in­creases fat-stor­ing en­zymes as a means of ‘preser­va­tion’ and this causes your metabolism to drop.”

She rec­om­mends por­tion con­trol in­stead. “Eat break­fast like a king, lunch like a prince and din­ner like a pau­per. Start your day with a well­bal­anced break­fast to kick-start your body’s meta­bolic func­tions. Cut por­tion sizes pro­gres­sively as you move to­wards the end of the day to en­sure that your body won’t store ex­cess calo­ries as fat.”

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