69 Great Hair He­roes

from sham­poo to serums

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1 Best Clar­i­fy­ing Sham­poo Tsub­aki Head Spa Ex­tra Cleans­ing Sham­poo, $15.90 (280ml), cleans the scalp thor­oughly with­out dry­ing out hair. It also leaves a sub­tle, re­fresh­ing, minty feel post-rinse.

2 Best Sham­poo for Sen­si­tive Scalps Vichy Der­cos Dermo-sooth­ing Treat­ment Sham­poo, $25 (200ml), soothes tight­ness and itch­i­ness on the scalp, and makes tresses feel soft and weight­less.

3 Best Sham­poo for Coarse/Thick Hair The Face Shop Ker­atin In­ten­sive Sham­poo, $16.90 (300ml), smooths un­ruly locks and at the same time, gives them some vol­ume.

4 Best Sham­poo for Fine Hair John Frieda Lux­u­ri­ous Vol­ume Touch­ably Full Sham­poo, $15.90 (250ml), is a light­weight prod­uct that doesn’t make fine strands ap­pear flat.

5 Best Sham­poo for Curly/Wavy Hair Cy­cle Vi­tal Soft Curls Sham­poo, $24.90 (250ml), helps to de­tan­gle curls, even with­out a con­di­tioner! It helps the curls re­main bouncy after rins­ing, too. 6 Best Anti-Hair Loss Sham­poo Daeng Gi Meo Ri Vi­tal­iz­ing Sham­poo, $35 (500ml), doesn’t make your hair or scalp feel dry. There was also less hair fall after us­ing this for a month. The Korean medic­i­nal herb-based for­mula is sur­pris­ingly fra­grant, too!

7 Best Sham­poo for Brit­tle/Dry/ Dam­aged Hair Dove In­tense Re­pair Sham­poo, $7.70 (375ml), $11.70 (700ml), lath­ers up eas­ily, and helps hair feel in­stantly smoother and lighter after one wash.

8 Best Frizz-tam­ing Sham­poo L’Oreal Paris Hair Ex­per­tise Ever­sleek In­tense Smooth­ing Sham­poo, $14.90 (250ml), tames frizz and makes your hair feel smooth and soft with­out weigh­ing it down. 9 Best Sham­poo for Dan­druff Care Vichy Der­cos Anti-dan­druff Sham­poo for Sen­si­tive Scalps, $25 (200ml), is sul­phate-free, doesn’t cre­ate a lot of lather, and washes out eas­ily.

10 Best Colour-pro­tect­ing Sham­poo Ker­a­nove Ra­di­ance & Pro­tec­tion Sham­poo, $19.90 (250ml), cre­ates a lather that is creamy but washes out eas­ily, so your scalp feels fresh, and your hair is soft and light.

11 Best Anti-Hair Loss Sham­poo Shi­seido Pro­fes­sional The Hair Care Ade­n­ovi­tal Sham­poo, $42 (250ml), re­freshes your scalp and helps it feel more sup­ple. We also no­ticed that hair fall was re­duced after us­ing it for two months.

12 Best Sham­poo for Coarse/Thick Hair Ker­ar­ganic Ker­atin Sham­poo, $46 (236ml), makes tresses smooth and light, and leaves your scalp feel­ing re­freshed and non-oily.

13 Best Frizz-tam­ing Sham­poo Liv­ing Proof No Frizz Sham­poo, $32 (236ml), re­ally tames frizzy strands and smooths hair. The light for­mula doesn’t make hair look or feel heavy ei­ther.

14 Best Sham­poo for Fine Hair Al­terna Caviar Re­pair In­stant Re­cov­ery Sham­poo, $48 (250ml), is su­per-mois­tur­is­ing and tames frizz. It soothes the scalp and helps soften and smooth hair while giv­ing it a lift at the roots.

15 Best Clar­i­fy­ing Sham­poo Red­ken Hair Cleans­ing Cream, $29 (300ml), makes your scalp feel ul­tra-clean. It is suit­able even for sen­si­tive and oily scalps.

16 Best Colour-pro­tect­ing Sham­poo Red­ken Color Ex­tend Mag­net­ics Sham­poo, $24 (300ml), works up a creamy lather that washes off eas­ily with­out dry­ing the scalp. It also guards hair against colour-fad­ing caused by fre­quent wash­ing. 17 Best Sham­poo for Brit­tle/Dry/Dam­aged Hair Aveda Dry Rem­edy Moisturizing Sham­poo, $48 (250ml), $150 (1,000ml), de­tan­gles as you mas­sage the sham­poo in. Hair feels softer after use, and the sub­tle lavender scent lingers un­til the next sham­poo.

18 Best Sham­poo for Dan­druff Care Keras­tase Speci­fique Bain Ex­fo­liant Pu­ri­fi­ant, $39 (200ml), has min­i­mal lather but gen­tly ex­fo­li­ates the scalp with its mi­crobeads with­out dry­ing out your hair. It also helps thin­ning tresses by clear­ing out dead skin cells, oil and prod­uct build-up.

19 Best Sham­poo for Sen­si­tive Scalps Apivita Propo­line Sham­poo for Sen­si­tive Scalp, $30 (250ml), makes hair feel soft and light after the first use. It is free of sul­phates, parabens, min­eral oils and syn­thetic colours, and its runny tex­ture soothes eas­ily ir­ri­tated scalps.

Luxe Sham­poos

Value-for-money Con­di­tion­ers

20 Best Colour-pro­tect­ing Con­di­tioner Vi­dal Sas­soon Color Care Con­di­tioner, $8.50 (184ml), $14.50 (470ml), makes coloured tresses smooth and shiny.

21 Best Frizz-tam­ing Con­di­tioner John Frieda Frizz Ease Flaw­lessly Straight Con­di­tioner, $15.90 (250ml), hy­drates and smooths frizz with­out mak­ing hair oily or caus­ing it to look flat.

22 Best Con­di­tioner for Brit­tle/Dry/ Dam­aged Hair John Frieda Full Re­pair Strengthen + Re­store Con­di­tioner, $16.90 (150ml), is a non-greasy for­mula that soft­ens coarse hair and adds vol­ume.

23 Best Con­di­tioner for Fine Hair John Frieda Lux­u­ri­ous Vol­ume Touch­ably Full Con­di­tioner, $15.90 (250ml), makes fine hair full and very soft with just one use. Blow-dry after that and your locks will look even more vo­lu­mi­nous.

24 Best Con­di­tioner for Curly/Wavy Hair John Frieda Frizz Ease Dream Curls Con­di­tioner, $15.90 (250ml), mois­turises hair while defin­ing curls.

Luxe Con­di­tion­ers

25 Best Colour-pro­tect­ing Con­di­tioner Red­ken Color Ex­tend Mag­net­ics Con­di­tioner, $24 (250ml), in­stantly de­tan­gles hair so it be­comes smooth and glossy. A lit­tle goes a long way.

26 Best Con­di­tioner for Curly/Wavy Hair Red­ken Cur­va­ceous Con­di­tioner, $24 (250ml), leaves curls mois­turised, de­fined and glossy look­ing.

27 Best Con­di­tioner for Fine Hair Gold­well Dual senses Ul­tra Vol­ume Light­weight Con­di­tioner, $26 (200ml), cre­ates nat­u­ral-look­ing vol­ume and does not weigh strands down. It is non-greasy, so hair feels light through­out the day. 28 Best Con­di­tioner for Coarse/Thick Hair Mu­cota K/51 Con­di­tioner, $56 (200g), doesn’t feel oily or heavy, and con­di­tions coarse hair ef­fec­tively.

29 Best Frizz-tam­ing Con­di­tioner KMS Cal­i­for­nia Tame Frizz Con­di­tioner, $34 (250ml), washes out eas­ily to leave tresses smooth and shiny. It can even help to de­fine curls.

30 Best Con­di­tioner for Brit­tle/Dry/ Dam­aged Hair Red­ken Di­a­mond Oil Con­di­tioner, $24 (250ml), in­stantly de­tan­gles for smooth, shiny hair. Your tresses feel light and easy to comb through, and blow-dry­ing feels eas­ier too.

Luxe Hair Masks

31 Best Colour-pro­tect­ing Hair Mask Mu­cota Adl­lura Aire 08, $42 (100g), gives you a head of hair that feels light, smooth and sup­ple.

32 Best Hy­dra­tion Hair Mask for All Hair Types Aveda Dry Rem­edy Moisturizing Masque, $63 (150ml), makes tresses soft, shiny and con­di­tioned within two to five min­utes.

33 Best Restora­tive Hair Mask for Coarse/Dam­aged/Thick Hair Shu Ue­mura Art of Hair Ul­ti­mate Rem­edy Ex­treme Restora­tion Treat­ment, $89 (200ml), washes out eas­ily and pre­vents mois­ture loss. Hair will feel soft, smooth and nour­ished even after your next sham­poo.

Value-for-money Hair Masks

34 Best Restora­tive Hair Mask for Coarse/Dam­aged/Thick Hair Daeng Gi Meo Ri Vi­tal­iz­ing En­ergy Nu­tri­tion Hair Pack, $35 (120ml), soft­ens and strength­ens hair. It smells pleas­ant, even though it con­tains Korean medic­i­nal herbs.

35 Best Hy­dra­tion Hair Mask for All Hair Types John Frieda Frizz Ease Mirac­u­lous Re­cov­ery In­ten­sive Masque, $16.90 (150ml), helps to mois­turise de­hy­drated hair, and makes it smooth and shiny in five min­utes.

36 Best Colour-pro­tect­ing Hair Mask Ker­a­nove Ra­di­ance & Pro­tec­tion Mask, $29.90 (250ml), leaves tresses smooth, vi­brant and glossy.

Value-for-money Leave-on Treat­ments

37 Best Hair Oil for Coarse/Thick Hair Moist Diane Smooth Hair Oil, $18.90 (60ml), may have a light con­sis­tency, but it man­ages to keep coarse, thick hair soft, smooth and shiny.

38 Best Hy­drat­ing Treat­ment for Nor­mal Hair Tsub­aki Shin­ing Hair Wa­ter, $16.90 (250ml), mois­turises hair and helps it look nat­u­rally glossy with­out tak­ing away vol­ume.

39 Best Hy­drat­ing Treat­ment for Coarse/ Thick Hair Sun­silk Dam­age Re­con­struc­tion In­stant Dam­age Re­con­struc­tion Cream, $5.90 (120ml), has a creamy tex­ture that suits coarser tresses. It smooths and soft­ens hair, and tames frizz too.

40 Best Hair Oil for Fine Hair Asience In­ten­sive Treat­ment Oil, $14.90 (28ml), with its light, non-oily con­sis­tency, helps fine hair re­tain mois­ture with­out weigh­ing it down.

41 Best Hair Oil for Nor­mal Hair Bio-T Mir­a­cle Elixir Oil, $49 (96ml), is read­ily ab­sorbed by hair, tames fly­away strands and doesn’t make tresses look greasy or flat.

Luxe Leave-on Treat­ments

42 Best Hair Oil for Nor­mal Hair Aveda Dry Rem­edy Daily Moisturizing Oil, $50 (30ml), hy­drates and soft­ens tresses with­out caus­ing them to feel greasy. It also has a re­lax­ing scent.

43 Best Hair Oil for Coarse/Thick Hair Wella Pro­fes­sion­als Oil Re­flec­tions, $49.22 (100ml), adds lots of shine, and con­di­tions with­out a sticky or heavy ef­fect.

44 Best Hy­drat­ing Treat­ment for Nor­mal Hair Gold­well Dual senses Rich Re­pair 6 Ef­fects Serum, $38 (100ml), is a light­weight for­mula that con­trols frizz well, and ren­ders locks sup­ple and soft.

45 Best Hy­drat­ing Treat­ment for Coarse/ Thick Hair Ker­ar­ganic Leave-in Ul­tra Mois­tur­izer, $46 (236ml), does not make hair feel sticky. It soft­ens the look of coarse strands and lends an in­stant shine. We love how easy it is to use – a spray noz­zle dis­penses the light­weight for­mula.

Value-for-money Styling Es­sen­tials

46 Best Straight­ener Ma Cherie Hair Gelee Mist (Silky Straight), $17.90 (195ml), de­tan­gles eas­ily and leaves hair feel­ing so silky that you might not even need a con­di­tioner. You only need one spritz over each sec­tion of your hair to see re­sults.

47 Best Tex­tur­is­ing Hair­spray Toni & Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe Ca­sual Sea Salt Tex­tur­is­ing Spray, $24.90 (200ml), cre­ates in­stant, non-sticky, long-last­ing vol­ume after a blow-dry. It’s easy to wash out, too.

48 Best Heat-pro­tec­tor Toni & Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe Prep Heat Pro­tec­tion Mist, $21.90 (150ml), is light­weight, easy to use, and gives hair shine.

49 Best Hair­spray for a Nat­u­ral Look Ma Cherie Dec­o­ra­tion Keep Spray, $16.90 (140g), has a light hold to keep your hairstyle look­ing nat­u­ral. It also means that restyling is easy. Our judges loved the fine mist. 50 Best Dry Sham­poo Klo­rane Oat Ex­tract Dry Sham­poo Spray, $14.60 (150ml), ab­sorbs se­bum from the scalp and lifts roots to give hair vol­ume.

51 Best Frizz Elim­i­na­tor John Frieda Frizz Ease Orig­i­nal 6 Ef­fects Serum, $16.90 (50ml), in­stantly elim­i­nates frizz and pro­tects hair from heat and hu­mid­ity with its non-oily for­mula.

52 Best Curl De­finer Toni & Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe Clas­sic Spray Gel for Curls, $22.90 (150ml), is easy to use and de­fines curls well. Just spray it on, scrunch and go.

53 Best Vo­lu­miser Ma Cherie Hair Gelee Mist (Airy Mush), $17.90 (195ml), gives in­stant, lon­glast­ing, root-lifting re­sults, with­out stick­i­ness. 54 Best Wax for a Nat­u­ral Look Toni & Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe Cre­ative Style Spray Wax, $22.90 (150ml), is per­fect for styling new­bies. You can spray it evenly over towel-dried hair and scrunch, or over dry hair to cre­ate a more de­fined style.

55 Best Shine Booster The Body Shop Grape­seed Gloss­ing Serum, $26.90 (75ml), has a non-greasy for­mula that doesn’t flat­ten hair, but leaves it smooth and shiny in­stead. One tester com­mented that it’s com­pa­ra­ble to a high-end prod­uct.

Luxe Styling Es­sen­tials

56 Best Heat-pro­tec­tor Gold­well Dual senses Rich Re­pair Thermo Leave In Treat­ment, $30 (150ml), re­pairs chem­i­cal dam­age done to hair so it be­comes smooth and soft to the touch.

57 Best Hair­spray for a Nat­u­ral Look Shi­seido Pro­fes­sional Stage Works Struc­ture Hold Spray, $30 (180g), pro­duces a fine mist and lends a light to medium hold so that hair looks soft and doesn’t feel stiff.

58 Best Dry Sham­poo Joico In­stant Re­fresh Dry Sham­poo, $34 (200ml), is fast-dry­ing and ab­sorbs ex­cess oil from the scalp and hair. It gives a lift to roots and a mois­ture boost to strands for a soft – not stiff – re­sult.

59 Best Tex­tur­is­ing Hair­spray Red­ken Sig­na­ture Look Fash­ion Waves 07 Tex­tur­iz­ing Sea Spray, $32 (150ml), is light­weight and non-sticky. It is su­pereasy to use – just spray it all over hair and scrunch to cre­ate a tou­sled style with di­shev­elled, sexy waves.

60 Best Strong-hold Hair­spray Percy & Reed Re­as­sur­ingly Firm Ses­sion Hold Hair­spray, $26 (250ml), pro­duces an ul­tra-fine mist that gives a strong hold with­out mak­ing hair look “har­dened”.

61 Best Shine Booster La­bel.m Shine Spray, $38 (125ml), has a spray noz­zle that lim­its the amount used so you don’t ac­ci­den­tally over­load hair. It is light enough for fine strands, and pro­tects tresses with its paraben-free and an­tiox­i­dant-rich for­mula.

62 Best Straight­ener KMS Cal­i­for­nia Tame Frizz Smooth­ing Lo­tion, $40 (150ml), de­tan­gles and smooths with a non-oily for­mula that con­trols frizz and pro­tects hair from hu­mid­ity.

63 Best Styling Pow­der L’Oreal Pro­fes­sion­nel Tecni.art Wild Stylers Next Day Hair, $29.95 (250ml), spreads eas­ily com­pared with most pour-out hair pow­ders. It leaves your do in­stantly vo­lu­mised, tex­tured and matte. 64 Best Wax for a Nat­u­ral Look O’right Free Mind Mud, $34 (50ml), is a non-sticky for­mula that holds your hairstyle and at the same time, al­lows you to restyle it eas­ily. We like that it washes off ef­fort­lessly, too.

65 Best Vo­lu­miser Shi­seido Pro­fes­sional Stage Works Pow­der Shake, $31 (150ml), trans­forms from mist to pow­der once it dries. Suit­able for both fine and slightly coarse hair, it makes your do look fuller all day.

66 Best Frizz Elim­i­na­tor KMS Cal­i­for­nia Tame Frizz Tam­ing Creme, $37 (125ml), has a creamy tex­ture that smooths frizz ef­fec­tively with­out be­ing too oily or sticky.

67 Best Curl De­finer Shi­seido Pro­fes­sional Stage Works Nu­ance Curl Cream, $30 (75g), gives you de­fined, bouncy curls. It feels a bit oily, but once ap­plied, the oili­ness doesn’t sit on your hair. 68 Best Re­us­able Home Hair Colour Kit Hoyu Cielo Cream Hair Color, $17.90, dis­penses a thick, non-drip foam that you can comb or mas­sage through hair at hardto-see ar­eas like the back of your head. The fuss-free prod­uct cov­ers greys ef­fort­lessly and doesn’t ir­ri­tate the scalp. Any un­used prod­uct in the bot­tle can be kept for a later date – per­fect for those who need to cover grey roots ev­ery few weeks. It comes in six shades.

69 Best Home Hair Colour Kit Liese Blaune Treat­ment Cream Color, $15.90, is a non-pun­gent, nour­ish­ing for­mula that con­di­tions and colours in 15 min­utes. The kit in­cludes gloves to pro­tect your hands, a tray to mix the creams, and a comb that lets you ap­ply the cream mix to ev­ery strand evenly. It also cov­ers grey hair ef­fec­tively. It comes in five shades.

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