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Try herbal tea blends with car­damom, bay leaves and cin­na­mon. Car­damom, re­lated to the ginger fam­ily, is known for re­liev­ing bloat­ing and nau­sea, and is one of the safest di­ges­tive stim­u­lants. Bay leaves and cin­na­mon help dis­pel gas in the stom­ach. Also try drink­ing echi­nacea tea, a nat­u­ral detox­i­fy­ing agent, after a rich meal. Green tea and rooi­bos tea are loaded with pow­er­ful an­tiox­i­dants that help slow down pre­ma­ture age­ing, pro­mote heart health and boost the im­mune sys­tem. In­stead of de­caf­feinated cof­fee or tea, which may still con­tain trace amounts of caf­feine, drink caf­feine-free herbal teas like ginger, pep­per­mint or camomile. In de­caf teas, some polyphe­nols – nat­u­ral an­tiox­i­dant tea com­pounds – also get taken away dur­ing ex­trac­tion. If you miss the oc­ca­sional glass of red wine while preg­nant, try A.muse Projects’ Noir Tea ($11 for a 10g pack­age, avail­able at http://amuse­pro­ In­spired by the light, fruity flavour of pinot noir, this caf­feine- and al­co­hol-free blend con­tains rooi­bos, as well as red rasp­berry leaves which work to strengthen and tone the uterus.

Yerba mate tea con­tains up to 75 per cent the caf­feine of cof­fee, giv­ing you almost the same kick but with­out the jit­ters.

Tea in­fu­sions with liquorice root, fen­nel seeds and cloves help re­lieve anx­i­ety, calm the nerves and re­lax your mus­cles – all use­ful for in­duc­ing sleep. Cer­tain herbs may re­act with med­i­ca­tion, so check with your doc­tor rst.

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