If my child…

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… is a picky eater. “He or she won’t get to eat that meal. Chil­dren have to learn the hard way some­times, but I’d try ca­jol­ing first. I don’t be­lieve in bribery with treats or toys, so if I can’t get through to our child, Alex will have to step in.” … says a bad word for the first time. “I wouldn’t scold or yell. I’d rea­son it out with him or her, and em­pha­sise firmly that Mummy doesn’t like it.” … isn’t in­ter­ested in study­ing. “I’d prob­a­bly put him or her in the naughty cor­ner. On my part, I’d re­mind my­self not to stress out about school­work too much, so that my kid doesn’t get put off by it.” … is a sulky and re­bel­lious teen. “I’d cut his or her pocket money. And if my child re­torts that he or she could go out and earn their own keep, I’ll say: ‘Go ahead!’” … brings home some­one I don’t like. “I’d try to be open-minded, un­less he or she crosses cer­tain bound­aries. For in­stance, I would not tol­er­ate some­one who doesn’t have ba­sic re­spect for his or her el­ders.”

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