Pro­tein + Vi­ta­min B6 + Zinc

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HOW THEY WORK TO­GETHER: Vi­ta­min B6 and zinc are needed to max­imise the ab­sorp­tion of pro­tein, a macronu­tri­ent that is one of the hard­est to di­gest, and takes the long­est to do so. • Pro­tein aids in mus­cle growth, gives you shinier hair and even plumps up your skin.

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Soya beans, salmon, lentils, azuki red beans, quinoa and dairy prod­ucts. It’s also found in chicken and beef, but Va­lerie ad­vises that we eat meat in mod­er­a­tion as it con­tains un­healthy choles­terol. • Vi­ta­min B6 is good for me­tab­o­lism and your ner­vous sys­tem. A lack of it may cause you to feel moody and down.

Spinach, bell pep­pers, shi­itake mush­rooms, tuna, cod­fish and ba­nanas. • Zinc im­proves your me­tab­o­lism. It also boosts a woman’s re­pro­duc­tive health – low lev­els may cause in­fer­til­ity and mis­car­riages. And a zinc de­fi­ciency can af­fect your pe­ri­ods – you may ex­pe­ri­ence an ir­reg­u­lar cy­cle, se­ri­ous cramps, acne or menopausal symptoms.

Spinach, crem­ini mush­rooms, shi­itake mush­rooms, scal­lops, sesame seeds and pump­kin seeds.

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