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HOW THEY WORK TO­GETHER: Chromium helps con­trol blood sugar lev­els and ap­petite while zinc and vi­ta­min B af­fect your me­tab­o­lism. When you com­bine the three, they play a part in im­prov­ing how you eat and how your body breaks down food. • Chromium reg­u­lates in­sulin lev­els and pro­motes blood sugar bal­ance so you don’t ex­pe­ri­ence post-meal en­ergy slumps. If your ap­petite is ex­ces­sive, your chromium lev­els could be low.

Broc­coli, bar­ley, oats, green beans, toma­toes, ro­maine let­tuce and black pep­per. • Zinc is im­por­tant for reg­u­lat­ing your meta­bolic rate.

Spinach, crem­ini mush­rooms, shi­itake mush­rooms, scal­lops, sesame seeds and pump­kin seeds. • Vi­ta­min B im­proves your body’s me­tab­o­lism of fats, car­bo­hy­drates and pro­teins.

Seafood, ba­nanas, mush­rooms, oats and pump­kin seeds.

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