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Here are her tips for man­ag­ing your work­day ef­fi­ciently, so you can leave at a de­cent hour and have time for your­self and your fam­ily. Set your goals and as­pi­ra­tions for the year ahead, and re­view them on a monthly ba­sis. By do­ing this, you can align your­self with what brings you joy and ful­fil­ment, and make de­ci­sion-mak­ing eas­ier. With the big pic­ture in mind, come up with monthly, weekly and daily ac­tions to bring about that out­come. This should re­flect your per­for­mance re­view mea­sures or your Key Per­for­mance In­di­ca­tor (KPI) at work. Work on a 90-day plan for the big­ger projects you han­dle – this is the op­ti­mum du­ra­tion to fo­cus on long-term goals; any longer and one tends to pro­cras­ti­nate or lose fo­cus. Main­tain your mo­men­tum to be more pro­duc­tive. not end – but you can fo­cus on what brings the great­est out­come. Set bound­aries. Re­move so­cial dis­trac­tions that steal your time and fo­cus. Say no to idle chats, meet­ings and calls.

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