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Es­sen­tial know-hows to get your herbs flour­ish­ing TRANS­PLANT­ING “Trans­plant­ing herbs to a big­ger pot (at least 15cm wide and deep) and plant­ing them in a good soil mix will en­sure that they con­tinue to thrive,” says Cynthea Lam, an ur­ban farmer at Su­per Farm­ers. The roots may be over­crowded in the orig­i­nal pot, which means there’s no space to grow and they may not be get­ting enough nu­tri­ents. The soil that comes with the orig­i­nal pot may also be un­suit­able. Mediter­ranean herbs like rose­mary re­quire well-drain­ing soil, says Dr Wong.

“Grow them in a mix made from two parts coarse sand or fine, ex­panded clay pel­lets, one part ma­ture com­post and one

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