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Opt for CFLs or LED lamps Com­pact flu­o­res­cent lamps (CFLs) are just as bright but con­sume less energy than in­can­des­cent light bulbs. They also emit less heat, so your air-con­di­tioner can func­tion more ef­fi­ciently and doesn’t have to work as hard to cool the room. For longer-last­ing lamps, choose LED lights, which last at least 20 times longer than in­can­des­cent bulbs.

$200 (based on us­ing 10 CFLs) Make use of nat­u­ral light Light-coloured, loose weave cur­tains let more day­light in as op­posed to heavy, opaque ones. Place ta­bles and chairs near win­dows where there is nat­u­ral light, and use lighter colours in your rooms as they re­flect light. A home with dark walls and cur­tains would re­quire more ar­ti­fi­cial light­ing and light fix fix­tures to il­lu­mi­nate it ad­e­quately.

$91 (based on us­ing nat­u­ral in­stead of ar­ti­fi­cial light in three rooms for five hoursho a day)

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