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mag­ine fa­mous fig­ures from clas­si­cal paint­ings brought to life, di­rectly lifted from their can­vases and pas­toral, re­li­gious and di­vine set­tings and ap­pear­ing in con­tem­po­rary ev­ery­day sit­u­a­tions. Like im­prob­a­ble time trav­ellers, they pay us a visit in the gritty, noisy and busy 21st-cen­tury ur­ban jun­gle and the re­al­i­ties of life we face. You find the Vir­gin Mary and child from Wil­liam-adolphe Bouguereau’s Song of the Angels rid­ing in an empty sub­way car, two men from Hans Hol­bein the Younger’s The Am­bas­sadors sit­ting in a seedy bar, Mary Mag­da­lene from Francesco Furini’s The Pen­i­tent Mag­da­lene in a shopfront, the Me­di­ae­val cou­ple from Francesco Hayez’s The Kiss locked in an em­brace on a train, the god of music from Ni­co­las Reg­nier’s Apol­lon per­form­ing like a busker on a com­muter route, Car­avag­gio’s David with Go­liath’s sev­ered head on the side­walk, nymphs from Cae­sar van Everdin­gen’s Bac­chus on a Throne of­fer­ing wine and fruit to the god of har­vest and fer­til­ity at a bus de­pot in the dead of win­ter, and Luca Cam­bi­aso’s Venus and Ado­nis as latenight rev­ellers on a street bench. Francesco Hayez Alek­sey Kon­dako; by Ni­co­las Reg­nier; by Sir Lawrence Alma-tadema

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