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from the world over, and to cre­ate it with the vo­cab­u­lary from your own coun­try is ge­nius.”

On his 2017 spring-sum­mer col­lec­tion, which he pre­sented at the event, he says, “At a very young age, I started work­ing for Hal­ston, the late Amer­i­can de­signer, and this is my homage to him, in my own way where Asia meets Amer­ica. And in the 1970s, the pow­er­ful and most in­ter­est­ing women, like Diana Vree­land, Didi Ryan and Babe Pa­ley, were part of the iconic de­signer’s en­tourage. So how do you com­bine all that and how would that woman be to­day?”

He muses about how fash­ion to­day is so dif­fer­ent from that era. “To­day, we are mak­ing clothes far more ef­fi­ciently be­cause of dif­fer­ent tech­nolo­gies avail­able, like laser-cut and 3D print­ing. Also, we are so glob­ally con­nected that I can go on­line and find cer­tain tech­niques and have things pro­duced in China.”

Mod­ern re­straint cou­pled with lux­u­ri­ant fab­ri­ca­tion. The de­sign aes­thetic of Naeem Khan is just ge­nius

Brides here seek­ing to walk down the aisle in Naeem Khan’s threads head to Belle & Tulle Bridal. The de­signer says, “A wed­ding dress is the ul­ti­mate red-car­pet state­ment be­cause it is not only done for the world, it’s for your fam­ily and tra­di­tion, so I take from my ready-to-wear and it’s a twist on it for bridal but there is a lot of ready-to-wear in my bridal.”

He de­scribes the Naeem Khan bride as fash­ion­able, a bit avant-garde, and quite un­like the su­per-tra­di­tional bride. For in­stance, an ear­lier sea­son saw the launch of French dresses, “but they were three­quar­ter length in­spired by bal­leri­nas, so it was no longer all the way to the floor. They’re my most suc­cess­ful bridal dresses”.

Naeem Khan is known for his avant-garde, lux­u­ri­ant bridal gowns with stunning han­dem­broi­dery em­bel­lish­ments

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