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Caught in the ex­cite­ment of wed­ding planning, many brides over­look the most im­por­tant thing: them­selves! All that run­ning around, late nights, ir­reg­u­lar meals and skipped gym ses­sions in what can seem like a race against time shows up on the skin, hair and body, and no bride should walk down the aisle look­ing less than her best. A top make-up artist and a gown de­signer known for sil­hou­ette-flat­ter­ing cuts could help to an ex­tent but they can’t give a bride that nat­u­ral con­fi­dence and glow that comes from know­ing that her face and body are in top form.

Dr Felix Li from The Face Aes­thetic Clinic, who has helped count­less women put their best selves for­ward on their big day, sug­gests that brides start on a get-gor­geous ac­tion plan 12 months ahead of their big day.

Make Life­style Changes

If you do not al­ready eat with a con­science, 12 months be­fore your big day is not too late to estab­lish good eat­ing habits. Cut out deep-fried, fatty and junk food and opt for more lean pro­tein, com­plex car­bo­hy­drates and lots of veg­eta­bles and fruit. Get­ting the most out of your ex­pen­sive gym mem­ber­ship, reg­u­lat­ing your sleep pat­tern, ap­ply­ing sun­block daily and be­ing re­li­gious about your skin­care regime are equally es­sen­tial. Sin­ga­pore’s hu­mid cli­mate, cou­pled with wear­ing make-up daily makes skin greasy and more sus­cep­ti­ble to pim­ples and black­heads.

Ac­cord­ing to Dr Li, many brides also fret over blem­ishes and dark spots due to skin sins of the past. Even if you weren’t born with good skin genes, you can break the cy­cle of acne and con­trol and lighten pig­men­ta­tion prob­lems with a com­bi­na­tion of med­i­ca­tions, top­i­cal for­mu­las and laser treat­ments. Un­sightly keloids or scar tis­sue, mean­while, can be cor­rected us­ing “triple ther­apy”, a com­bi­na­tion of laser treat­ments, steroids and mi­cro-Bo­tox in­jec­tions. Twelve months to the big day is also the right time to start hair re­moval, so you can have silky smooth skin.

The Golden Ra­tio

Af­ter six months, the re­sults of your dis­ci­plined work­outs will show, and reg­u­lar sleep cy­cles will reg­u­late hor­mone pro­duc­tion and keep en­ergy lev­els high. You’ll feel lighter and look trim­mer—just in time for gown fit­tings. In ad­di­tion, you’ll no­tice fewer and less se­vere break­outs and your new, bal­anced skin means all you’ll need is light make-up be­fore step­ping out—farewell, thick con­ceal­ers and foun­da­tions! But, are those signs of skin age­ing such as sunken­ness and sag­ging here to stay? Dr Li says, “It is pos­si­ble to re­v­erse the signs of age­ing by lift­ing and re­ju­ve­nat­ing the face, and tight­en­ing the skin with thread­lift, filler and HIFU (high-in­ten­sity fo­cused ul­tra­sound) pro­ce­dures.”

The mid-face lift is suit­able for at­tain­ing the look of high cheek­bones that mod­els are blessed with. If you are con­cerned that your nat­u­rally round or square face shape makes you look chubby, the V-lift, as the name of the pro­ce­dure im­plies, can help to give you a nar­rower jaw which in turn will slim the face. Since your neck­line will be the fo­cus of cam­eras when the groom leans in for a kiss, con­sider a neck lift to elim­i­nate a dou­ble chin ap­pear­ance and at­tain a slen­der,

more grace­ful neck. “Sunken or hol­low ar­eas such as the tem­ples, cheeks, tear troughs and na­solabial folds and jowls can be lifted and re­ju­ve­nated with der­mal fillers,” says Dr Li.

Dur­ing this time, acne scars of your youth can be resur­faced with laser treat­ments while skin-plump­ing col­la­gen can be re­gen­er­ated with Ulther­apy, a safe, non-sur­gi­cal ul­tra­sound facelift treat­ment that gen­tly and grad­u­ally lifts the face and neck.

Sculpt and Hy­drate

Three months to your big day, your sculpted, more de­fined face will draw com­pli­ments about how youth­ful you look. If you al­ways dreamed of hav­ing a fuller pout or a higher nose that draws at­ten­tion to the cen­tre of your face, Dr Li can rec­om­mend a suit­able treat­ment with fillers or threads. He says, “Fa­cial con­tour­ing al­lows bet­ter ma­nip­u­la­tion of light and shad­ows so you look your best un­der the spot­light.”

To com­bat the dry­ing ef­fect of air-con­di­tion­ing and over­wash­ing, mois­turise reg­u­larly and give skin a hy­dra­tion surge with Sk­in­boost­ers, mi­cro-in­jec­tions that de­liver last­ing mois­ture and smoothen skin from within. Lines and wrin­kles such as crow’s feet, frown lines and fore­head lines can make you look old, tired, harsh or an­gry. Bo­tox in­jec­tions can safely and ef­fec­tively im­prove the ap­pear­ance of these ar­eas, giv­ing you a younger, more en­er­getic and softer look.

Dr Li points out that when con­sid­er­ing un­der­go­ing aes­thetic treat­ments, it is cru­cial to note that dif­fer­ent pro­ce­dures have dif­fer­ent down­times, and that they come with in­her­ent risks. “Some pro­ce­dures show max­i­mal re­sults within days while oth­ers take months. Some can be re­versed or ad­justed while oth­ers can­not. And not ev­ery pro­ce­dure is suit­able for ev­ery in­di­vid­ual or ev­ery face.”

So, what looks good on your favourite Korean star may not nec­es­sar­ily sit well on your face. An­other tip: “Plan early. A pro­ce­dure that is ideal for an in­di­vid­ual six months be­fore her wed­ding could be dis­as­trous one month be­fore the big day.”

While brides may be tempted to do mul­ti­ple treat­ments at a go, it is bet­ter to first for­mu­late a treat­ment plan with your doc­tor. Whether you have had aes­thetic treat­ments done be­fore or it’s your first time, al­ways choose a rep­utable doc­tor you feel com­fort­able with. He or she should take a de­tailed ap­proach to de­sign­ing a treat­ment plan best suited for you, and ad­vise if your ex­pec­ta­tions can be re­al­is­ti­cally met. “It is vi­tal to have a full grasp of how a pro­ce­dure will im­prove your looks and be sure that is what you want. Un­der­stand the down­time in­volved, and the po­ten­tial risks be­fore de­cid­ing if you can ac­cept them.”

That is why The Face Aes­thetic Clinic utilises only prod­ucts and ma­chines from in­dus­try lead­ers, with Health Sciences Au­thor­ity (HSA) ap­proval in Sin­ga­pore. Even then, Dr Li ad­vises, “Avoid pro­ce­dures and prod­ucts you have not per­son­ally used be­fore in the month lead­ing up to your wed­ding, as every­one re­acts dif­fer­ently to them, and even the safest pro­ce­dures carry in­her­ent down­time or risks, which may be distress­ing right be­fore your wed­ding.”

Main­te­nance and Pam­per­ing

If you’ve kept to the plan af­ter 11 months, con­grat­u­late your­self. With one month un­til you say “I do”, you will reap the re­wards of skin that doesn’t even hint of the stress you’ve en­coun­tered from jug­gling work and wed­ding prepa­ra­tions. Fa­cial hairs are less vis­i­ble, freck­les re­moved, skin hy­drated from within, and your more con­toured face al­lows light to re­flect in such a way that you ap­pear more ra­di­ant, so you can wear any make-up style with con­fi­dence. Main­tain that charm­ing glow with gen­tle and light treat­ments, treat your­self to hy­drat­ing fa­cials, and stick to your sun­block-plus-good skin­care regime. You’ll also love your svel­ter body that gives you the con­fi­dence to wear dar­ing and skin-bar­ing gowns you shied away from pre­vi­ously. The only thing left do: put on a smile and glide down the aisle.

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For Dr Felix Li of The Face Aes­thetic Clinic, pa­tient safety al­ways comes first. The clinic uses only the best prod­ucts from rep­utable in­dus­try lead­ers

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