Even if you’re go­ing through a rough patch, you can make life eas­ier by adopt­ing these com­fort­ing words of wis­dom

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Help beat grief and de­pres­sion by hold­ing onto a pos­i­tive at­ti­tude

1 Choose Joy

“Suf­fer­ing in life is in­evitable, but miser y is op­tional,” says Dr Chris­tiane Northrup, a women’s health ex­pert and au­thor of Mak­ing Life Easy: A Sim­ple Guide To A Di­vinely In­spired Life. “It comes down to our per­spec­tive: We ex­pe­ri­ence miser y when we be­lieve it is pos­si­ble to con­trol ever ything, or that we’re vic­tims of our cir­cum­stances.” While your life may not al­ways be smooth­sail­ing, choose to feel joy­ful and grate­ful, rather than un­happy.

2 Find Mean­ing In Suf­fer­ing

“We are put on this earth to learn and grow,” says Dr Northrup. “When you know this, there’s mean­ing in suf­fer­ing and what­ever hap­pens to you, and you don’t get stuck in think­ing, ‘Oh, that never should have hap­pened.’

“For in­stance, we are born into the fam­ily that will pro­vide the chal­lenges we need to break free from, be­cause in most cases your fam­ily isn’t go­ing to give you the af­fir­ma­tion that you so des­per­ately want.”

3 Be Kind To Your­self

When you start be­rat­ing your­self, stop to think if you would speak to a child in such a harsh man­ner. If you wouldn’t, why be so hard on your­self? Turn to the lit­tle child within you who is feel­ing so judged and say, “I re­ally love you; I am so sorr y.”

“This kind of rad­i­cal self-love is the op­po­site of be­ing self­ish,” says Dr Northrup. “When you’re feel­ing happy and ful­filled in your own life, you be­come a force for good.”

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