With our warm, hu­mid weather, keep­ing your­self ad­e­quately hy­drated is a must. Here are seven ways to make sure you drink more water daily

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Easy ways to drink more water for bet­ter health and skin

1. Add Flavour

If you are used to sweet drinks like tea, soda or juices, drink­ing more plain water might prove dif­fi­cult. Tr y adding nat­u­ral flavours to your water us­ing fruits or greens. Sliced lemons, rasp­ber­ries, straw­ber­ries, cu­cum­ber and mint leaves work es­pe­cially well to in­fuse your plain water with flavour, and make it more en­tic­ing.

2. Sip Through A Straw

We of­ten feel bloated when we drink too fast and too much. The trick to drink­ing more water is to drink slower and less, in or­der to drink more! Us­ing a straw helps, and prac­tise sip­ping rather than guz­zling.

3. Start Auto Drink­ing Habits

Cre­ate the habit of drink­ing more of­ten by tim­ing it au­to­mat­i­cally with a daily ac­tiv­ity. This can be any­thing from eat­ing, brush­ing your teeth and tak­ing a bath, to ac­tiv­i­ties like watch­ing the T V or do­ing a chore. Get into the habit of drink­ing a half-glass of water be­fore or af­ter these ac­tiv­i­ties, and you’ll be in­creas­ing your water in­take in no time.

4. Spice It Up

Eat­ing spicy foods will have you reach­ing for that glass of water more of­ten. So when you are din­ing out, choose a spicy dish or a spiced-up ver­sion of your favourite dish so you will drink more water. We find any­thing with red pep­pers or chilli padi works re­ally well!

5. Sip On The Go

In­cul­cate the habit of bring­ing out a bot­tle of water wher­ever you go (yes, it might seem heavy at first, but you will get used to the ex­tra weight), and hav­ing a swig of water at least ever y hour when you are out­side. If you tend to for­get, there are many use­ful apps which can help re­mind you.

6. Eat Your Water

Hy­dra­tion can also comes from the foods you eat. Choose water-dense foods like cu­cum­bers and zuc­chini, or fruits like water­melon, which has some of the high­est water con­tent. Make it a point to add these foods to your diet fre­quently.

7. Pitcher Per­fect

Hav­ing a pitcher of water with you by your desk at all times makes it con­ve­nient for you to drink up. The StarWell­ness Crystal Glass Water Pitcher, a win­ner in The Weekly’s Do­mes­tic Diva Awards 2017, gives you clean, fil­tered al­ka­line water any­time. Each pitcher comes with one free Bal­ance pH* Fil­ter, which can re­move chlo­rine, re­duce chem­i­cals and al­ka­lise tap water.

The ben­e­fit of drink­ing al­ka­line water is that it helps neu­tralise the acids in our bod­ies. It also con­tains an­tiox­i­dant prop­er­ties and min­er­als, that can be eas­ily ab­sorbed by our bod­ies. No boil­ing is re­quired, and the pitcher is equipped with a built-in LED fil­ter change sen­sor and smart easy fill­ing lid. At $109, from lead­ing de­part­ment stores. Visit starwell­ness.sg for more in­for­ma­tion.








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