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Learn how to make these adorable King of the Jun­gle Buns by Lit­tle Miss Bento, Shirley Wong

1. Pre­pare ba­sic bread dough (more de­tails on mak­ing your own ba­sic bread dough can be found in Shirley’s book Kawaii Bread; or you can also buy frozen bread dough from the su­per­mar­kets to use).

2. Take 100 g dough and colour it brown us­ing co­coa pow­der paste (de­tailed steps in Kawaii Bread). Re-shape into a ball.

3. Set aside for first fer­men­ta­tion. De­gas dough and di­vide both plain and brown dough into 6 equal por­tions each. Re­shape into balls, cover and let rest for 10 mins.

4. Gen­tly punch each por­tion of dough again to re­move gas. Di­vide each ball of plain dough to get 2 ears (2 g each) and the head.

5. Flat­ten dough for heads, then stuff with choco­late and re­shape into balls.

6. Shape each por­tion of brown dough into a cylin­dri­cal shape long enough to wrap around each head for the lion’s mane. Wrap brown dough around heads and pinch ends to seal (see Step 1). Place on a lined bak­ing tray.

7. Shape ears into balls and ar­range be­side heads (see Step 2).

8. Us­ing a small pair of scis­sors, make cuts all around brown dough for lion’s mane (see Step 3). 9. Set aside for fi­nal fer­men­ta­tion. Com­bine in­gre­di­ents for egg wash and brush evenly on plain dough.

10. Pre­heat oven to 170 C (top and bot­tom heat, no fan). Place tray on low­est or sec­ond low­est rack in oven and bake for 16 to 18 mins. Re­move and place on a wire rack to cool.

11. Draw fea­tures of li­ons us­ing black ed­i­ble food pen (see main pic­ture).

1 por­tion ba­sic bread dough us­ing 160 g bread flour • A lit­tle co­coa pow­der, mixed with a lit­tle milk/ water into a paste • Choco­late chips or chopped choco­late, as needed • Black ed­i­ble food pen EGG

WASH • 1 egg yolk • 2 tsps milk • A pinch of salt

by Shirley Wong, $34.24, is avail­able at lead­ing book­stores. Kawaii Bread

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