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ROOSTER YEAR OF BIRTH: 2005•1993 • 1981•1969•1957•1945

Things will grad­u­ally go down­hill as the month pro­gresses. Be pre­pared and avoid any po­ten­tial con­flicts at work. Stay close to your part­ner, and spend some qual­ity time to­gether, as there is a risk of him be­ing tempted. Avoid spec­u­la­tive in­vest­ments, as there is a risk of money loss.

DOG YEAR OF BIRTH: 2006•1994 • 1982•1970•1958•1946

Things will be­come smoother af­ter the rocky first half of the month. There are still some un­pleas­ant ru­mours about you go­ing around, but just ig­nore them and fo­cus on your work, and you will be fine. Wealth luck is ex­tremely low: Beware of peo­ple cheat­ing you of your money.

PIG YEAR OF BIRTH: 2007•1995 • 1983•1971•1959•1947

The path is full of thorns, and you can be eas­ily snagged if you are care­less. Re­sis­tance at work is high, so an­a­lyse and plan well be­fore mov­ing for­ward. Wealth luck is ver y weak, so beware. Love luck is also not ver y pos­i­tive this month; be more tol­er­ant to­wards each other.

RAT YEAR OF BIRTH: 2008•1996 • 1984•1972•1960•1948

There’s a su­per lucky star shin­ing on you this month: You can ex­pect suc­cess in all en­deav­ors you em­bark on. Money luck is very good, and re­wards are high from your in­vest­ments. Love luck is strong, so it’s time to take your re­la­tion­ship to the next level.

OX YEAR OF BIRTH: 2009•1997 • 1985•1973•1961•1949

It’s an ex­tremely busy month, so do take care of your health and don’t over-stress your­self, or your health will suf­fer badly. There will be a lot of ex­tra ex­pen­di­ture, so plan your bud­get well. Do re­mem­ber to spend some qual­ity time with your part­ner and do not ne­glect him.

TIGER YEAR OF BIRTH: 2010•1998 • 1986•1974•1962•1950

There are many neg­a­tive stars or­bit­ing around you, so be on your guard. Do spend some time to think through and plan your work care­fully. Wealth luck is low, so watch your ex­pen­di­ture closely. When out­doors, watch for any phys­i­cal risks re­lated to water ac­tiv­i­ties.

RAB­BIT YEAR OF BIRTH: 2011•1999 • 1987•1975•1963•1951

The road is ver y un­even, and you will meet many un­ex­pected hic­cups at work, so keep your opin­ions to your­self un­less they are con­struc­tive. The same strat­egy ap­plies to money: Don’t be greedy. Some storms will hit your re­la­tion­ship, so re­mem­ber to re­solve them am­i­ca­bly.

DRAGON YEAR OF BIRTH: 2000•1988 • 1976•1964•1952•1940

Things are rather un­sta­ble for the month, so tr y to see things from oth­ers’ per­spec­tives. It’s also a good time to wi­den your busi­ness net­work this month. Do not in­vest, as your wealth luck is ver y low. Don’t be too rash to make de­ci­sions about your re­la­tion­ship, and be pa­tient.

SNAKE YEAR OF BIRTH: 2001•1989 • 1977•1965•1953•1941

Luck is on your side: Seize the op­por­tu­nity to take on those pend­ing projects and make ex­tra sales. Things will run smoothly, as long as you get things done by your­self. Wealth luck is good: Ex­pect good re­turns. Your re­la­tion­ship may take a wrong turn, so han­dle the sit­u­a­tion del­i­cately.

HORSE YEAR OF BIRTH: 2002•1990 • 1978•1966•1954•1942

Things will be slow at work, and prob­lems will ap­pear one af­ter an­other. Be quick to re­solve any out­stand­ing is­sues. Money luck is not strong, so be con­ser­va­tive in your in­vest­ments. There may be ex­ter­nal temp­ta­tions threat­en­ing your re­la­tion­ship, so re­mem­ber to draw the line.

GOAT YEAR OF BIRTH: 2003•1991 • 1979•1967•1955•1943

It is a busy month, and you may need to re­peat your work sev­eral times to get it right. Watch your ex­pen­di­ture closely, and stick to a tighter bud­get for this month. Set aside some time to con­nect with your loved ones, as you two may drift apart a lit­tle this month.

MON­KEY YEAR OF BIRTH: 2004•1992 • 1980•1968•1956•1944

There may be some mi­nor tremors af­ter last month’s ma­jor work shake-up: Do take the nec­es­sary pre­cau­tions. Your so­cial luck is ver y strong, so make full use of it to con­nect with oth­ers. Re­la­tion­ships will have a lot of ten­sion, so do take things easy.

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