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Let’s face it: Not ev­ery­one has the time to in­dulge in an 11-step Korean skin­care rou­tine ev­ery day. There’s no need to beat your­self up over it, as there are aes­thetic treat­ments and fa­cials that can tar­get your skin con­cerns quickly and ef­fec­tively.

High-In­ten­sity Fo­cused Ul­tra­sound (HIFU) is able to burn off un­wanted fats, and tighten skin for a slim­mer jaw­line. Syg­maLift HIFU, avail­able at En­soul Med­i­cal Clinic, sets it­self apart from reg­u­lar HIFU treat­ments with frac­tion­ated tech­nol­ogy, which dif­fuses the beams into dif­fer­ent frac­tions so that it is less painful.

If your prob­lem is skin red­ness, the Quadrostar ProYel­low Laser, avail­able at Mizu Aes­thetic Clinic, can be used to even out the skin tone. This 577nm wave­length laser shrinks di­lated cap­il­lar­ies with­out dam­ag­ing them, hence re­duc­ing skin red­ness. It also elim­i­nates acne-caus­ing bac­te­ria, and re­duces dark spots.

Get your glow on with the Hy­dro Ther­a­peu­tics Treat­ment Plus from IDS Clinic – it uses hy­dra-fa­cial and ul­tra­sonic cleans­ing to deeply clean skin, while bright­en­ing prod­ucts and ra­dio-fre­quency cur­rents lighten and tighten skin for party-ready skin in a flash.

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