Pore­less Per­fec­tion

Poor cleans­ing habits and age­ing can cause pores to ap­pear larger. Here’s how you can min­imise their ap­pear­ance

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We all have a love-hate re­la­tion­ship when it comes to pores – on one hand, pores are like the skin’s waste dis­posal sys­tem, se­cret­ing sweat to cool skin down, but over­sized pores can make your skin ap­pear rough and un­even. A buildup of se­bum and im­pu­ri­ties can also clog pores, caus­ing them to ap­pear en­larged.

To make mat­ters worse, pores can ap­pear even larger with age. Skin pro­duces less col­la­gen, elastin and hyaluronic acid as it ages, af­fect­ing elas­tic­ity and firm­ness, hence caus­ing sag­gi­ness and wrin­kles. These fac­tors in­evitably cause pores to ap­pear larger as skin is stretched and un­able to bounce back, un­like younger skin which is springy and re­silient.

How can we ef­fec­tively min­imise pore size then? Here are some sim­ple ways you can achieve softer and smoother skin that looks flaw­less at ever y an­gle.

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