IPL vs Laser Hair Re­moval

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Both IPL (in­tense pulsed light) and laser hair re­moval utilise light en­ergy that is ab­sorbed into the dark pig­ment of hair to ul­ti­mately cause dam­age to the hair fol­li­cle, sub­stan­tially stunt­ing hair growth and its abil­ity to re­gen­er­ate. In­di­vid­ual hairs are all in dif­fer­ent stages of growth, so both op­tions re­quire more than one treat­ment. The main dif­fer­ences be­tween IPL and laser lie in the tech­nol­ogy.

IPL pro­duces a broad spec­trum of light that gen­er­ates heat, which cau­terises blood sup­ply and dis­ables cells from grow­ing hair. It is typ­i­cally cheaper than laser due to its shal­lower pen­e­tra­tion of the hair fol­li­cle, which can mean more ses­sions are re­quired. VPL (vari­able pulsed light), a more ad­vanced form of IPL, can ef­fec­tively treat the dif­fer­ent types of hair, from thicker un­der­arm hair to finer fa­cial hair.

Re­gard­less of which op­tion you go for, the key is in ex­per­tise. Find­ing a clinic that’s ex­pe­ri­enced in hair re­moval is cru­cial.

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