The kitchen of the fu­ture is here!

As we re­veal the win­ners for our Do­mes­tic Diva Awards 2018, we take a look at the fu­tur­is­tic kitchen. Hy­per­con­nected and mul­ti­func­tional, th­ese spa­ces en­able you to cook, clean and live with greater ease than ever

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When you think of the term “fu­tur­is­tic kitchen”, you may im­me­di­ately con­jure up images of Jet­sons-style ro­bot maids that do ev­ery­thing for you, from cook­ing meals to clean­ing your home and do­ing the laun­dry. The truth is, the fu­ture is al­ready here, but per­haps in more sub­tle ways than you would ex­pect. The heart of the home is be­com­ing more and more in­ter­con­nected, both phys­i­cally – as the pop­u­lar­ity of open-con­cept kitchens prove, and tech­no­log­i­cally, with the rise of smart tech­nol­ogy and more ad­vanced R&D meth­ods.

Here are seven things to look out for in to­day's most ad­vanced cook­ing spa­ces that will rev­o­lu­tionise the way you live:


With homes de­creas­ing in size, coun­ter­top space be­comes more and more pre­cious. As a re­sult, cook­ing ap­pli­ances are be­com­ing more stream­lined, with many per­form­ing mul­ti­ple roles in­stead of just the one. Multi cook­ers and all-in-one ap­pli­ances that can bake, steam, grill, mea­sure and even pro­vide recipe sug­ges­tions are slowly be­com­ing the norm as they save both space and time. Th­ese “uber ap­pli­ances” are usu­ally de­signed to be highly user-friendly, with aes­thet­i­cally pleas­ing fea­tures and step-by-step guides built into the sys­tem.


Make your morn­ing brew from the com­fort of your bed with the lat­est cof­fee ma­chines that can be re­motely ac­ti­vated and pro­grammed via a smart­phone app. It’s al­most like hav­ing your own ro­bot barista, which dis­penses the ex­act amount of cof­fee-to-milk ra­tio de­pend­ing on the op­tion you choose, be it a cap­puc­cino or latte.


Laun­dry spa­ces, which are typ­i­cally an ex­ten­sion of the kitchen space, are also get­ting an up­grade. Imag­ine putting your clothes in to wash be­fore leav­ing for work and com­ing back to a freshly washed pile, or get­ting to wash two sep­a­rate loads at the same time, or be­ing able to add an­other item to the wash even when the cy­cle has started? That’s what you can look for­ward to with to­day’s most ad­vanced wash­ing ma­chines, which can be synced with your phone so you can start your wash re­motely, or have spe­cial set­tings that let you de­lay your wash at your con­ve­nience.


Fu­ture kitchens will make sure you hy­drate well, too. This comes in the form of com­pact wa­ter fil­ter sys­tems, flasks and pitch­ers that are easy to use and con­tain ad­vanced fil­ters that work hard to sieve out im­pu­ri­ties and give your house­hold cleaner and more pu­ri­fied wa­ter to drink. They also take the has­sle out of con­ven­tional stove top boil­ing, with tan­k­less de­signs which are more hy­gienic as they re­duce the chances of con­tam­i­na­tion. No more clunky units that are an eye­sore; the new­est ver­sions are sleek, slim and the per­fect com­pan­ions for mod­ern homes.


The walls have come down and lay­outs are be­com­ing more fluid. While kitchens and din­ing rooms used to be seg­re­gated, the open-con­cept trend sees them be­com­ing a com­bined space and the fo­cal point of homes. This means ex­tended coun­ter­tops that dou­ble up

as din­ing ta­bles and prep zones, glass doors and win­dows that open up a space, as well as more ap­pli­ances built into the cab­i­netry for a sleeker and more seam­less look.


This kitchen work­horse has got­ten ma­jor up­grades over the years, but the lat­est mod­els show that we’ve only just scratched the sur­face. The new gen­er­a­tion of re­frig­er­a­tors don’t just keep your gro­ceries at op­ti­mal tem­per­a­tures – they’re WiFi-en­abled so you can conveniently look in­side ei­ther re­motely via a smart­phone app no mat­ter where you are, or through unique tinted glass pan­els that keep cool air from es­cap­ing. Some even come with in­te­grated touch screens, so your fridge can rec­om­mend recipes based on your ex­ist­ing in­gre­di­ents, and re­mind you when your veg­eta­bles are ex­pir­ing, help­ing to re­duce food wastage.


Whip­ping up fancy feasts (or even a sim­ple din­ner) won’t take ages, not with cut­ting-edge ovens en­gi­neered with a host of clever fea­tures to make light work of cook­ing. High-tech sen­sors au­to­mat­i­cally reg­u­late the cook­ing process for im­mac­u­late dishes, and au­to­matic func­tions let you choose from pre­set recipes, so the oven does all the heavy lift­ing for you. Hate hav­ing to clean af­ter­wards? Th­ese fu­tur­is­tic ovens fea­ture py­rolytic self-clean­ing to de­grease, or can gen­er­ate steam to pre­vent the buildup of limescale, mak­ing clean­ing up af­ter cook­ing su­per easy.

Stream­line ap­pli­ances with cab­i­netry for a sleeker look.

A long lay­out helps vis­ually ex­tend a small kitchen.

An in­te­grated kitchen and din­ing zone max­imises space.

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