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Ap­ple Watch

As with other ma­jor celebri­ties, new iPhones can’t help a few re­veal­ing shots ap­pear­ing on the in­ter­net be­fore an­nounce­ment day. But while Ap­ple’s new blow­ers (of which you’ll see more in a minute) had been leaked in some de­tail, no-one had a clue what the Ap­ple Watch would look like un­til this month. And here it is: a sap­phire crys­tal screen that can sense the dif­fer­ence be­tween a tap and a press, a Dig­i­tal Crown spin­ner that zooms and se­lects dif­fer­ent things on the screen, and a bevy of sen­sors that can tell not just how you are, but who you are. Like the iPhone, it has three fin­ishes: stan­dard steel, alu­minium and gold, all avail­able in two sizes. Is this the be­gin­ning of the Age of Wear­ables, or the be­gin­ning of the Age of Peo­ple Squint­ing Ir­ri­tat­edly at Their Wrists? We’ll see.

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