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Moto Hint

Voice con­trol may be the screen-free tech of the fu­ture, but it’s still em­bar­rass­ing to hold your phone in front of your face and talk at it, rather than into it. And if you have to take your phone out and fire up Google Now/Siri/ Cor­tana to get the info you want, you might

as well use your hands. En­ter the Hint, a tiny ear­bud that lis­tens for your cus­tom cue-phrase (you can change “OK Google” to “En­gage ear­puter”, “Hey Sa­man­tha” – you know, from the film Her – or any­thing

else) and brings the wiz­ardry of voice­con­trolled com­put­ing to your ear. It’s small enough to be pretty much un­no­tice­able, but it could be the next big thing.

an ear­ful of Scar­lett Jo­hanssen

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$tba (due 2015) / mo­

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