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It’s got the ac­cu­racy

With a freshly-de­vel­oped 65 all­cross-type Auto Fo­cus sys­tem, pick­ing out and track­ing a sub­ject in mo­tion will be a cinch. The AF points are also spread out more than a reg­u­lar crop-sen­sor cam­era, lead­ing to bet­ter tar­get­ing. You even have a choice of six AF sce­nar­ios to fine-tune your fo­cussing needs, al­low­ing the AI servo and in­tel­li­gent Sub­ject Anal­y­sis sys­tems to make the right de­ci­sions. Soon, your cam­era might just do the shoot­ing for you.

It’s a movie star

Like we said, the Mark II’s got a lot to live up to in car­ry­ing the EOS 7D name, es­pe­cially since the orig­i­nal was one of the first cam­eras to pop­u­larise DSLR use in film­mak­ing. It’s got all the right tools to do so though, with an ISO of 16,000 for bet­ter low light per­for­mance, Full HD record­ing at 24 or 60fps, and that in­tel­li­gent AF sys­tem for fast and smooth track­ing dur­ing videos.

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