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Some­times it feels like the world could do with a real-life ver­sion of Halo’s Master Chief, but for now the clos­est we’re go­ing to get is Cor­tana. Named after and voiced by John-117’s ever-present AI helper from the multi-mil­lion­selling Xbox games, Cor­tana is Win­dows Phone’s an­swer to Siri or Google Now – with a lit­tle ex­tra added on top. As well as sim­ple web searches and most stan­dard phone

func­tions, Cor­tana can at­tach re­minders to other ac­tions, so next time you go to phone your mum Cor­tana will nudge you to po­litely ask about the cat. Over time she’ll learn more about you, adding de­tails to a ‘note­book’ full of your vi­tals that she’ll use to of­fer more tar­geted help. With the Xbox One and Win­dows 8 (or 9) the ob­vi­ous next steps for Cor­tana, ex­pect to hear her voice a lot more in the fu­ture.

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