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Ap­ple iPad Air 2,

iPad Mini 3

Like a very thin, triple-decker toasted sand­wich that it would be dan­ger­ous to eat, the Air 2’s Retina dis­play, touch sen­sor and glass have been pressed into a sin­gle layer. Thanks to this high-tech sand­wich-mak­ing (‘op­ti­cal bond­ing’, if you like us­ing the right words for things), the Air 2 is, at just 6.1mm thick, slen­der enough to cut a real sand­wich with. But we wouldn’t, be­cause smear­ing it with may­on­naise is not the best way to show off the power of its new A8X chip or the im­proved rear cam­era, which now snaps 8MP stills, 1080p video and 240fps slo-mo. Also, a stray gherkin might in­ter­fere with Touch ID, which has ar­rived on both the

Air 2 and the Mini 3, and a spat­ter of bread­crumbs won’t show off their gold fin­ishes (grey and sil­ver are avail­able if you’re not as bling-ting as we are). Mmm… gold.

a 30,000W Bre­ville

As hot as... from $688, from $548 / ap­


The A8X chip gives the Air 2 more power – Ap­ple claims around 40-50% – giv­ing it the

grunt for richer games and apps. How we mock peo­ple tak­ing tablet pics… but now, with the 8MP sen­sor plus slo-mo

and burst modes, it’s be­com­ing a thing.

Touch ID means more than se­cure lo­gin: pay­ing is now achieved with a sim­ple prod.

Save us a space in debtors’ prison!

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