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Be in­spired Keep a li­brary of vi­su­als you like from your daily life so you can draw in­spi­ra­tion from them later. It can be any­thing from pho­tos, graphic de­sign, a scene from a movie, or a model’s look in a mag­a­zine. Don’t look at your phone all the time, and make the ef­fort to ad­mire the things around you. Keep mov­ing for­ward Go beyond your com­fort zone and ex­per­i­ment with new ideas, light­ing tech­niques, or lenses. Don’t do what’s al­ready been done, or you’ll just be the same as any other pho­tog­ra­pher. Al­ways ask your­self what you’re lack­ing, and seek ad­vice and cri­tiques from re­li­able part­ners and friends. Pick and mix When you see some­thing you like, don’t just copy it blindly. Ask your­self why it stands out to you, and iden­tify the spe­cific el­e­ments that caught your at­ten­tion so you can in­te­grate it into your per­sonal style and evolve. Fail bet­ter To err is hu­man. Mis­takes are some­times un­avoid­able, but you can take steps to keep from re­peat­ing them. Write them down in a note­book, and see what can be im­proved in the fu­ture if some­thing sim­i­lar crops up in fu­ture.

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