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The an­nual Tau­rids me­teor shower will be at its peak on 11-12 Novem­ber. Your ideal view­ing spot will have lit­tle light pol­lu­tion and a wide view of the sky. The Tau­rids will ap­pear to em­anate from the Taurus con­stel­la­tion (above and to the right of Orion). They can ap­pear in any part of the sky, but you’ll have the best chance of see­ing them some 15° from the cen­tre of Taurus. For bonus points, print out a con­stel­la­tion map and try to plot any me­te­ors that you see on it. Record­ing ob­ser­va­tions is fun, a habit of good as­tronomers, and some­times use­ful. Any cam­era with a long ex­po­sure time can be set up to take good pics. You will need some luck, but take some test shots that ex­pose the stars cor­rectly. Use a large mem­ory card and take as many snaps as you can.

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