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DJI In­spire 1

If you take a big metaphor­i­cal drill and bur­row into the bedrock of movie his­tory, you’ll see a thick band of imag­i­nary sed­i­ment laid down in the re­cent past: that’s the year 1976. It was in 1976 that a man called Gar­rett Brown took his new in­ven­tion, called the Steadicam, round to a few movie sets. Sets like Marathon Man and Rocky and, most no­tably, The Shin­ing. The Steadicam gave cam­eras the power to pivot and swing and to float down cor­ri­dors like ghosts, but the In­spire isn’t just a cam­era-holder. It’s a cam­era that can fly over 4km in the air, shoot­ing video that’s twice as sharp as most cin­ema pro­jec­tors. One per­son can fly it while another di­rects the shot, look­ing through the lens from up to a kilo­me­tre away. It could change movies as much as, or more than, than the Steadicam – if there’s another Kubrick or two out there…

imag­i­nary lava

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