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Aeromo­bil 3.0

Well, we say ‘we’, but ac­tu­ally it’ll be a while be­fore the Stuff team saves up for a car­plane, and even then we’ll have to have a big ar­gu­ment about who gets to drive. But we as a so­ci­ety have been wait­ing for fly­ing cars since shortly after cars be­came a thing, and it’s been a long wait, but at last they’re start­ing to ap­pear. The Aeromo­bil is en­tirely road-le­gal, runs on reg­u­lar petrol and can

be parked on the street with its wings re­tracted; but drive it to your near­est air­field, ex­tend the wings, take to the skies and you can go 193km/h in a straight line. Try do­ing that in a Lam­borgh­ini (don’t, ob­vi­ously).

a fly­ing car, of course

As hot as…

$tba / aeromo­

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