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It’s not re­ally a space pi­rate, it’s a watch

It’s a 1950s smart­watch! Well, yes, it does ex­ude some­thing of a fu­ture-gaz­ing ’50s vibe, doesn’t it? And it is a smart watch in­deed, but it’s not a smart­watch. It ex­ists solely for the eter­nally noble pur­pose of telling the time, not com­mu­ni­cat­ing with your common, pocket-dwelling phone. It was in­spired by the spher­i­cal parts on the space­ship in the Cap­tain Fu­ture comics that first ap­peared in the ’40s. Where are the hands? This space pi­rate didn’t lose his ex­trem­i­ties in a sub-or­bital skir­mish: he never had them to be­gin with. Horo­log­i­cal read­ings are taken from the lower domes, which show the time us­ing two hemi­spher­i­cal in­di­ca­tors. So it’s an astro­naut’s watch, then? NASA is un­likely to make it stan­dard is­sue, though like all space­ships, it ac­tu­ally has ra­di­a­tion shields: the cen­tral dome that houses the fly­ing tour­bil­lon is pro­tected from UV ra­di­a­tion (it speeds up the ox­i­da­tion of lu­bri­cat­ing oils, as we’re sure you al­ready knew) by a re­tractable shield that’s raised by a crown on the left side of the case. Mean­while the twin spher­i­cal tur­bines up top, which reg­u­late the wind­ing sys­tem and the time in­di­ca­tors, are left out to look pretty full-time – ra­di­a­tion be damned. What hap­pened to the other five space pi­rates? This is the first and, as far as we know, the only Space Pi­rate model to be made; how­ever, there have been five Horo­log­i­cal Ma­chines (hence the HM6) be­fore it. MB&F ex­ists to push the bound­aries of watches as art, tak­ing over three years to de­velop this one alone. Only 100 HM6s will be made, and only 50 will have the im­pres­sive ti­ta­nium ex­oskele­ton you see here.


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