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As­ton Martin DB10

“Shiny skin from the screen; oily bits from the pits,” direc­tor Sam Men­des didn’t say about a new As­ton be­ing un­veiled as the star car in the 24th Bond film, Spec­tre. Had he spo­ken thus, he would have been re­fer­ring to the trend for car man­u­fac­tur­ers to trickle down tech­nol­ogy from the race­track but fo­cus-group their look on cinema-go­ers. And with­out re­ally know­ing what’s un­der­neath the DB10’s shapely body, un­veiled at the name launch of the new film, we’d hap­pily sign up for one. Ex­cept we can’t: As­ton Martin is only mak­ing ten DB10s and all ten are to be used – and no doubt very much abused – in the mak­ing of the film. The styling, luck­ily, pre­views the next pro­duc­tion DB, but they’re not say­ing if that will be called the DB11.

As hot as… imag­i­nary lava $tba / as­ton­

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