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Car­bon Flyer

Soon our skies will be thick with drones: a buzzing, swirling mass of UAVs which, once com­man­deered by rogue AI, will ter­rify us in our homes and en­gi­neer our

demise, as fore­told by the flocks of ‘or­ganic drones’ in Al­fred Hitch­cock’s The Birds. So here’s one more to add to the flock, but it’s not quite like the rest: it’s smaller, cheaper and less hov­ery than most. Made al­most ex­clu­sively from car­bon fi­bre, with a help­ing of car­bon nan­otubes thrown in for good mea­sure, its delta wing de­sign helps it slice through

the air us­ing twin elec­tric mo­tors and it fea­tures no other frag­ile mov­ing parts. And yes, it’s ba­si­cally a car­bon fi­bre pa­per aero­plane, but one that’s smart­phone app-con­trolled via Blue­tooth and has

an on­board VGA cam­era.

As hot as… a thou­sand flap­ping wings

US$150 ($200) /

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