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Ugh, it’s naked. Put it in some­thing al­ready. Take it easy for a mo­ment, Dr De­sign. Some­times im­por­tant ad­vances in tech­nol­ogy come not in the form of server-melt­ing global key­notes and pave­ment all-nighters. Some­times, some ex­ceed­ingly clever peo­ple just drop you a line and say, with­out want­ing to take up too much of our time, that they have just rein­vented the hum­ble hard drive. I don’t need a rein­vented hard drive. I have an SSD and it’s turbo-shiz­zle! Well, then this is go­ing to make you cry. It has read/write speeds that av­er­age a very stan­dard 150MB/sec. But dry those tiz­zles off your schniz­zle and try to un­der­stand: a qui­etly mag­nif­i­cent re­jig­ging of con­ven­tional hard drive tech­nol­ogy has paved the way for big ca­pac­ity drives for lit­tle money. Sea­gate is the first com­pany to mar­ket with a shin­gled mag­netic record­ing de­vice (SMR), in the form of this Ar­chive HDD – con­sumer prices are ex­pected to be around US$300 ($400) for 8TB of se­cure, low-power, de­pend­able data plat­ter. Doesn’t seem that cheap... Oh, just you wait. Once the other stor­age mega­corps get in­volved, the prices will drop, paving the way for huge home servers at low prices. Which, con­sid­er­ing the amount of videos, pic­tures, high-res au­dio and other digi­mat­ter you’ve been build­ing up, can’t hap­pen soon enough. Shin­gled mag­netic record­ing may not have launched in a shower of fire­works, but it’ll save us from a time when ter­abytes cost ter­abucks.

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