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Not all cats go doolally over cat­nip. Ap­prox­i­mately a third of them sim­ply watch with mild hor­ror as their furry brethren em­bar­rass them­selves with a dis­play of help­less, mewl­ing, rolling plant-love. So it is with hu­mans and cof­fee. Those of us not en­dowed with a ge­netic love of the stuff can only watch as our sis­ters sur­round them­selves with bags of the stuff in var­i­ous forms. They fill cup­boards with as­sorted de­liv­ery sys­tems, each re­port­edly su­pe­rior. Like this Che­mex Ot­tomatic, with its hour­glass re­cep­ta­cle de­sign. The wa­ter is heated to an ex­act tem­per­a­ture for brew­ing, and then the hot­plate holds the cof­fee at a lower spec­i­fied tem­per­a­ture to keep it per­fect for longer. Just don’t go rolling in it, OK? US$350 ($465) / chemex­cof­

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