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You’re wait­ing for the In­ter­net of Things to ar­rive, but you don’t have the tech­ni­cal know-how to make your own smart-stuff. Not to worry – Lit­tlebits make click-to­gether com­po­nents, and this kit con­tains 14 mod­ules – sen­sors, switches and so on – that make it easy to cre­ate your own smarthome set­ups.

Light sen­sor (1): at­tach this to your win­dow to make sun­risec­on­trolled cur­tains. All you need is a weight on the cur­tain cord, a pin to hold the weight up and the servo (2) to pull the pin out. When morn­ing rays hit the light sen­sor, it prompts the servo to pull out the pin, the weight drops and your cur­tains open.

Tem­per­a­ture sen­sor (3): stick this in your fridge to make it a smart­fridge. Us­ing the thresh­old (4) bit to set a max­i­mum tem­per­a­ture and the cloudBit (5) to connect to the in­ter­net, you can have your fridge text you if some­one leaves the door open and it starts to get a bit too warm.

Synth speaker (6): link this to the MP3 Player (7) and the cloudBit to get a sound no­ti­fi­ca­tion when some­thing hap­pens on Twit­ter: an ea­gle’s kra-kawww for a retweet, per­haps, a mur­mur­ing of pi­geons for a favourite and a curlew’s cry for a new fol­lower.

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