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So you dug out your old Nokia 3210 to play a nos­tal­gic game of Snake but there’s less life in it than a grandpa’s 60th birth­day party. Don’t worry. TWSU’s DIY Gamer Kit has all the in­gre­di­ents you need to make your own hand­held con­sole, with Snake pre-coded for you.

Sounds too easy, right? Depend­ing on your skill level you can buy it pre-sol­dered, or for $20 less do all that your­self. There are 40 pieces that need to be as­sem­bled on the cir­cuit board, in­clud­ing an 8x8 dis­play and four-way D-pad. It should take about 90 min­utes.

Af­ter about five min­utes, when you’ve re­mem­bered how te­dious Snake is, down­load the Ar­duino Game Li­brary from the TWSU web­site and you’ll be able to in­stall oth­ers, such as Break­out and Flappy Bird. It’ll also al­low you to tin­ker with the games’ source code.

Once you have the Ar­duino soft­ware you can also start writ­ing your own games for it. There’s a whole sec­tion on the TWSU web­site with tips, guides and cheat sheets to help. Don’t ex­pect Far Cry 4 – it’s only an 8x8 screen – but it’s a good way of pick­ing up the ba­sics.

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