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Who would not want some­one who looks like Blake Lively to be his tro­phy wife?

Ja­son Clarke’s James is the lucky fel­low mar­ried to Gina — the per­fect spouse, sub­mis­sive and com­pletely de­pen­dent on her husband.

So what if she is blind? It makes James, a con­trol freak and ego­ma­niac, happy.

“You are not how I imag- ined,” she says to him mat­terof-factly when she sees him for the first time af­ter her cornea re­place­ment surgery.

Lit­tle does she know that this sim­ple sen­tence cre­ates cracks in the mar­riage, and the sit­u­a­tion wors­ens when James slowly loses con­trol over Gina.

Lively once again proves she is more than a pretty face. She ex­celled in sur­vival thriller The Shal­lows (2016), but that was a re­ac­tionary film.

Here, she shows re­straint and depth as one who is liv­ing in the shad­ows.

She also per­forms with much hon­esty and gusto af­ter Gina re­gains par­tial sight, when she fi­nally gets to see her­self for the first time and is given a chance to live her life.

There are some is­sues in this erotic thriller that di­rec­tor Marc Forster wants to ad­dress, but the ex­e­cu­tion is want­ing.

What makes a happy mar­riage?

Does love mean con­trol­ling a per­son or set­ting her free?

It does not help that these vi­tal ques­tions are never raised: How did Gina and James meet? How long have they been mar­ried? What is their love story?

The black hole just gets big­ger and weirder, and it makes you feel even more dis­tant from the char­ac­ters. All I See Is You

Blake Lively, Ja­son Clarke Marc Forster

Gina (Lively) fol­lows husband James (Clarke) to start a new life in Bangkok. Blind since a hor­rific child­hood ac­ci­dent, she gets a new lease of life af­ter a suc­cess­ful ex­per­i­men­tal eye surgery. But the cou­ple’s rosy re­la­tion­ship soon starts to de­te­ri­o­rate.



Ja­son Clarke and Blake Lively in All I See Is You, which is set in Bangkok.

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