The Peak Selections: Timepieces - - The Brief -

Also known as dead sec­onds, this com­pli­ca­tion en­ables the sec­onds hand to “tick” once per sec­ond, much like it does in a quartz watch. It was his­tor­i­cally use­ful for tim­ing things such as a pa­tient’s pulse in­ter­vals. While the sec­onds hands of most me­chan­i­cal watches look like they are run­ning con­tin­u­ously, they are ac­tu­ally mov­ing at five to ten times a sec­ond. The jump­ing-sec­onds fea­ture re­quires ad­di­tional mech­a­nisms to con­trol the sec­onds hand and make it jump once per sec­ond.

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