It’s hu­man na­ture to cling on to the things we love, but we should learn to let go, es­pe­cially when it comes to cars.

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AAN old school­mate re­cently re­lo­cated to an­other coun­try. One of the most painful things he had to do was to part with a clas­sic Bee­tle he had owned since his uni­ver­sity days.

At our usual gath­er­ings, his ar­rival would be pre­ceded by the sound of the Bee­tle’s dis­tinc­tive air-cooled en­gine put­ter­ing to­wards us. He en­dear­ingly nick­named his VW Snow White, partly due to its white body colour, but mostly be­cause it was his per­fect princess.

Even when he got mar­ried, his wife al­ways knew that she would have to share his heart with this other “wife”. In con­ver­sa­tions, we re­ferred to Snow White as if she was one of the gang. And when he left, it felt like we were two mem­bers down in­stead of one.

I know other friends who have had their iconic Porsche 911s, Land Rover De­fend­ers and MercedesBenz SLs for more than a decade, some close to two, and they in­tend to con­tinue re­new­ing the COEs when they ex­pire.

I can imag­ine if they ever had to let th­ese cars go, it would be akin to slic­ing off their flesh.

Let­ting go is hard, whether it is an inan­i­mate ob­ject such as a car, or a liv­ing per­son or an­i­mal. And it needn’t even be due to tragic rea­sons such as the pass­ing of a pet, friend, fam­ily mem­ber or rel­a­tive. Let­ting go is hard even when the rea­sons are joy­ous, as in the case of a mar­riage, for in­stance. Ev­ery par­ent can­not help but ex­pe­ri­ence a sense of loss when their not-so-baby “baby” gets mar­ried.

Even though as the years go by, each mile­stone men­tally pre­pares you for the big day, it will still hit you hard when the time comes and when re­al­ity even­tu­ally sinks in. I have had fathers con­fide in me that they se­cretly and self­ishly wish that their daugh­ters wouldn’t get mar­ried, so that they can pro­tect them eter­nally.

Let­ting go is hard, but what we can do un­til then is to trea­sure ev­ery kilo­me­tre driven in our prized set of wheels and ev­ery mo­ment spent with our pre­cious kids or pets. When the time comes for us to let go, th­ese price­less mem­o­ries will for­ever be etched in our minds and our hearts.


Happy times spent with our cars, chil­dren, and pets should be trea­sured. HAV­ING EX­PE­RI­ENCED THE PASS­ING OF TWO BELOVED DOGS AND THE HAND­ING-OVER OF FAVOURITE CARS, LYNN HAS LEARNT TO LET GO.

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