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Hyper­cars like the Bu­gatti Ch­i­ron are be­yond the reach of mere mor­tals. With a start­ing price of around $3.78 mil­lion, even mil­lion­aires may think twice be­fore at­tempt­ing to ac­quire one. But thanks to Lego Tech­nic, the Bu­gatti Ch­i­ron can be yours for just $599. No COE, road tax or in­sur­ance – which may cost as much as an HDB flat – re­quired. You don’t even have to wear a suit to buy it from a Lego-cer­ti­fied store.

The catch is that you will re­quire a size­able work bench to as­sem­ble this 1:8 scale model. The kit con­sists of 3599 pieces and when fin­ished, will be 22cm long, 25cm wide and over 14cm high.

Cool de­tails repli­cated from the ac­tual Ch­i­ron in­clude the ac­tive rear spoiler, 8-speed gear­box with paddle shifters and a Bu­gatti overnight bag in the front com­part­ment.

In com­par­i­son, you’d need a team of en­gi­neers and an ac­tual work­shop to as­sem­ble the 1:1 scale Lego McLaren 720S.

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