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Have you ever won­dered what free­dom be­hind the wheel feels like?

Some might imag­ine traf­ficfree roads. Oth­ers may think about moun­tain passes or coastal high­ways. Or road trips to nowhere in par­tic­u­lar, just for the fun of it.

For the MINI Con­vert­ible, free­dom can mean all of these. And the feel­ing of be­ing free is al­ways bet­ter when you’re driv­ing with the top down. The wind be­comes your best friend as you greet every on­rush­ing mol­e­cule of air with the most ef­fu­sive of hel­los. As you soak up the sun’s rays, you re­alise that they ra­di­ate a pos­i­tive metaphor for life it­self.

The MINI Con­vert­ible is fun and spon­tane­ity on four wheels. It in­vites you to see the world not for what it is, but for what it can be.

Our pro­ces­sion of tall, hulk­ing build­ings and mono­lithic struc­tures might seem like a co­coon of steel, glass and con­crete.

But in the MINI Con­vert­ible, the city is a glo­ri­ous, shim­mer­ing play­ground that’s criss­crossed with some of the best, most flow­ing streets ever to be carved into a ci­tyscape.

Al­though Sin­ga­pore is small, it can still be one heck of a work­out for any car will­ing to play­fully take on the throng­ing but flow­ing traf­fic.

This bold ex­pe­ri­ence is some­thing to be shared. With your friends or fam­ily in the pas­sen­ger seats and their arms in the air, the sound of the rush­ing wind is punc­tu­ated with sounds of laugh­ter, as well as the bark of the en­gine and ex­haust.

Speed, how­ever, is but a num­ber. In the MINI Con­vert­ible, the sen­sa­tion of speed also mat­ters. The feel of the tyres claw­ing the tar­mac as the car boldly and deftly tack­les bends and in­clines leaves the driver with a vis­ceral and ju­bi­lant sen­sa­tion of mo­tion.

So, taste the free­dom and bask in the sun­shine. Af­ter, all, to own and drive a MINI Con­vert­ible is for your lips to dis­cover the very far­thest reaches of your face.

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