Food For Thought


As much as we love our seafood, it's time to give a thought to sus­tain­abil­ity and mak­ing in­formed de­ci­sions. Con­sider th­ese facts:

• 90 per cent of the world's fish­ing grounds are over­fished or al­ready de­pleted

• Due to high de­mand for 'live' fish in restau­rants, reef fish such as garoupas, wrasse and snap­pers are in­creas­ingly de­pleted in re­gional waters.

• De­struc­tive forms of fish­ing like us­ing cyanide to catch such fish live are also killing off coral reefs and marine life. Only one-quar­ter of the fish sur­vive such forms of fish­ing and end up in our seafood tanks.

• Three out of four pop­u­lar fish species con­sumed in Sin­ga­pore are not sus­tain­able. They in­clude hump­back grouper, ikan kun­ing, threadfin (ikan ku­rau) and the ray. For the full list, get the WWF Sin­ga­pore Seafood Guide at

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